Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 5 2014

Clues Answers
Arabian flying eagle is the brightest star mid-air in place of worship ALTAIR
Awful local place close to old money around central Germany is above attack DIVEBOMB
Black and white reports read possibly in The Standard TRICOLOUR
Breaks up new scares over race SCATTERS
Catch the French by square nearby church LATCH
Classic song of the Sixties by orchestra leader from Longford, Ireland OLDIE
Do for little Conor? DIDDLE
Do midges go all over the place? They act like nemesis! DEMIGODS
Drives car to pass away last moments with the Spanish machine in 10 across DIESELENGINE
Emotional film without energy is no good MOVING
Express to broadcast from one flight to another AIRTOAIR
Have a look at drink sold by 16 down EYEGLASS
Keeps warm going to school with Doctor Andre Gibe GABERDINE
Leaves for colour hairdo at hotel with dishevelled Senna HENNAS
Clues Answers
Manage Mastermind? ENGINEER
Measures the hard stuff for chap in Chianti and offers a view? OPTICIAN
Nothing missing around bridge? Listener in narrow escape! NEARTHING
Passenger ship connecting Dublin-Eritrea LINER
Private in military unit died RESERVED
Puts right taking me back to finish school EMENDS
Ribbon over youth centre is fawn TAUPE
Sounds like beastly type creates a stink at old city in Britain, for one NEIGHBOUR
Sounds like buzzer in class offering alternative to ice cream SORBET
Star recognised as whipping boy offering precious material on Latvian capital AURIGA
They tend to deliver a lot of babies with baby birds? STORKS
Threatening procedure? Go to the devil! DEMONISATION
Trick with revolutionary anti-novel is not out of the ordinary CONVENTIONAL
Worn by athlete at photo finish in oily sport at end of academic endeavour BIBLIOGRAPHY