L.A. Times Daily - Jan 8 2014

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Clues Answers
"Gracias" reply DENADA
"Maggie May" singer Stewart ROD
"Swell!" FAB
"There's the fox!" TALLYHO
"Woe __!" ISME
"You're dreaming" NOPE
*Billiards maneuver BANKSHOT
*Chocolate overdose consequence SUGARRUSH
*Common Milky Way star REDDWARF
*Marlin, for one SPORTFISH
*Part of a uniform WORKSHIRT
*Source of endless funds MONEYTREE
*What a driver's license may serve as DONORCARD
Actress Zellweger RENEE
Aloha State big shot KAHUNA
Avignon's river RHONE
Banking regulatory agcy FDIC
Big name in food distribution SYSCO
Breaking wave feature CURL
Chance RISK
Cincinnati-to-N.Y.C. direction ENE
Credulous NAIVE
Cry from Cathy of comics ACK
Curve ARC
Dress to the nines, with "up" TOG
Drink for a hot day ADE
Eclectic musician Brian ENO
Edger's target LAWN
Family relations, and what the first words of the answers to starred clues can have BLOODTIES
First president to throw a ceremonial opening day pitch TAFT
Former partners EXES
Frequent Mastroianni co-star LOREN
Gallery baddies ROGUES
Give a new commercial name to REBRAND
Half a Northwest city WALLA
Halves of fifths TENTHS
Have to thank (for) OWE
Clues Answers
Latish wake-up time TENAM
Like aromatherapy products SCENTED
Lose on purpose THROW
Lush SOT
Mademoiselle's matriarch MERE
Mafia bigwigs DONS
Maiden name intro NEE
Mount McKinley's national park DENALI
Nasty expression SNEER
Nitrogenous dye AZO
Passed, as rubber checks KITED
Pasta ending INI
Pool stroke MASSE
Prepare to make an electronic payment, say LOGON
Profit factors COSTS
Quick and light NIMBLE
Range with chinchillas ANDES
Rockies skiing destination ASPEN
Rodeo rope REATA
Shocking weapon TASER
Shunned ones PARIAHS
Singer from County Donegal ENYA
Skin wounds LESIONS
Sky hue AZURE
Sock synthetic ORLON
Spacewalks, for short EVAS
Spanish American grassland LLANO
Take a load off RELAX
Take out DELE
They may cry foul REFS
Undermine ERODE
Where the floor is always wet OCEAN
Words after cut or close ADEAL
Work at a saloon BARTEND
Worker protection org OSHA
Yoko of Tokyo ONO
__-cone SNO
__-loading: endurance strategy CARB