New York Times - Jan 5 2014

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Clues Answers
'Bam!' man EMERIL
'Brave New World' drug SOMA
'Cool it!' RELAX
'Gay' city PAREE
'I don't care what they do' LETEM
'M*A*S*H' star ALDA
'Most ___' ('For sure') DEF
'So that's ___?' ANO
'The Lion King' queen NALA
'Uh-huh, definitely' YESYES
'___ Enchanted' ELLA
1939 Garland co-star LAHR
1990s-2000s Volkswagen vehicle EUROVAN
2010 film '___ Men' REPO
A.T.M. offering DEPOSIT
Actor Richard CRENNA
Actor William KATT
Advance LEND
Ain't right? ISNT
An ace is a good one AVIATOR
Antony's player in 'Julius Caesar,' 1953 BRANDO
Appeases CALMS
Author Kingsley or Martin AMIS
Backpack item TENT
Ballpark fare PRETZELS
Basket fiber ISTLE
Become entwined RAVEL
Bering ___: Abbr STR
Bit of office greenery FERN
Bloody Mary stirrer CELERY
Blows one's mind AMAZES
Bordeaux wine CLARET
Bush who wrote 'Spoken From the Heart' LAURA
Captain's last order ABANDONSHIP
Cartoony clubs ROLLINGPINS
Chateau ___ Michelle STE
Classic gaming inits NES
Coastal raptor ERNE
Coat rack TREE
Coke, for one FUEL
Colorful bird TANAGER
Completely, after 'in' TOTO
Confound ADDLE
Conned HAD
Cries of pride TADAS
Crime buster Eliot NESS
Cry's partner HUE
Cub Scouts leader AKELA
Cybermemos ENOTES
Director Mack of early slapstick SENNETT
Dr.'s order MRI
E-commerce site ETSY
Early Coleco hand-held game ALIENATTACK
End of the accusation WITHTHEROPE
Endure LAST
Entreat BEG
Expressing CONVEYING
Farrell or Firth COLIN
Feature of a baseball shutout NORUNS
Firm group: Abbr ATTYS
Fixed SET
Formally declare ENOUNCE
French article UNE
Friend of Franco AMIGO
Generic NONAME
George's mother on 'Seinfeld' ESTELLE
Go all over ROVE
Go pfft FAIL
Got logged off, in a way TIMEDOUT
Grant for filmmaking? HUGH
Greeted the villain HISSED
Hardly at all NOTVERYMUCH
Have a thought OPINE
Having no direction, in math SCALAR
Hesitant sounds UHS
High rails ELS
Home-body? UMPIRE
In ___ Patris (prayer words) NOMINE
Clues Answers
Inevitability of life AGEING
It may contain aspartame DIETSODA
It's a knockout ETHER
Its seal has an anchor and a moose MAINE
Jungian complex EGO
King in 'The Little Mermaid' TRITON
Lay off IDLE
Like some football teams DEFENSIVE
Luau dish POI
Major part of a tooth DENTIN
Make a boner ERR
Makeshift ballot box URN
MGM symbol LEO
Middle of the accusation INTHELOUNGE
Midwest capital TOPEKA
More anomalous ODDER
More elusive EELIER
Motor coach AUTOBUS
Move like a butterfly FLITTER
Mr. Onassis ARI
Musical notation REST
Not skilled in POORAT
Not so smooth, maybe MEALIER
Noughts-and-crosses loser OOX
Old Tokyo EDO
Opening for a dermatologist? PORE
Orbit competitor TRIDENT
Ordeal TRIAL
Others, to Ovid ALIA
Part of Caesar's boast VIDI
Part of U.S.: Abbr INIT
Pepsi brand ONE
Phone abbr OPER
Photo lab abbr ENL
Prehistoric menace PTERODACTYL
Pyrexia FEVER
React to a loss GRIEVE
Recto's flip side VERSO
Repressed HELDIN
Result of 91-Down, maybe DOTAGE
Running wild ONATEAR
Sainted archbishop of Canterbury who founded Scholasticism ANSELM
Saturnalia ORGY
Sauce brand RAGU
Scanned READ
Slangy denials NOPES
Some German cars OPELS
Some Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Sort of INAWAY
Southern terminus of I-35 LAREDOTEXAS
Start of the accusation MISSSCARLET
Starting point? EDEN
Tennis's Petrova NADIA
Textile tool EVENER
The 'what' of a Clue accusation, whose identity is hinted at by the three circled answers in this quadrant WEAPON
The 'where' of a Clue accusation, whose identity is hinted at by the three circled answers in this quadrant ROOM
The 'who' of a Clue accusation, whose identity is hinted at by the three circled answers in this quadrant SUSPECT
The Palins, e.g ALASKANS
Thing in doubt? SILENTB
Thrown out of the country EXILED
Tic ___ (candy) TAC
To boot ATTHAT
Tony the Twin OLIVA
Unfrost DEICE
Untouched? SANE
Unyielding IRON
Varsity award LETTER
W.W. II group WACS
Want YEN
What Lou Gehrig played FIRST
What you can bring up, in a phrase THEREAR
Work, as clay KNEAD
Wrestling star Lou ALBANO
Years abroad ANNI
___ bleu CORDON
___ Girl VALLEY
___ to the finish ARACE
___-Cat SNO