Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 24 2013

Clues Answers
#2 execs VPS
'-- guest!' BEMY
'A,' in Arles UNE
'Amo, amas, I love --' ALASS
'Birds -- feather ...' OFA
'Cantorial' writer Levin IRA
'Dr.' who raps DRE
'I do' locales ALTARS
'Lean --' (1989 hit) ONME
'MoMA' and 'OPEC,' e.g ACRONYMS
'Orfeo,' e.g OPERA
'Original or crispy' chain KFC
'So gross!' YECH
'Sprechen Sie --?' DEUTSCH
-- -deucy ACEY
-- -Flush (bathroom brand) SANI
-- d'esprit (witty bit) JEU
-- room (play area) REC
1973 Toni Morrison novel SULA
300-3,000 MHz range UHF
5,280 feet ONEMILE
Abstract sculpture with no moving parts STABILE
Acquire a winter coat? ICEUP
Actress Bynes AMANDA
Actress Ione SKYE
All at sea LOST
Always-agreeing sort YEASAYER
American hwy. number lead-in USROUTE
Arctic mass FLOE
Averages NORMS
B-F link CDE
Be beside ABUT
Big name in restaurant guides ZAGAT
Bit of mail: Abbr LTR
Blossom supporters STEMS
Bread eaten with vindaloo NAN
Cause for a mistrial HUNGJURY
City of Italy TURIN
Clip- -- (some ties) ONS
Comical Drescher FRAN
Composes PENS
Converging points FOCI
Counterpart to digital ANALOG
Covert -- OPS
Driving peg TEE
Easter fare HAM
Ecol. monitor EPA
Eight of their names are featured in this puzzle THESMURFS
Eight, to Juan OCHO
Eric Carle kids' book with 'The', GROUCHYLADYBUG
Extra cash to play with FUNMONEY
Fall zodiac sign LIBRA
Faun, in part GOAT
Filmmaker Burton TIM
For little cost CHEAPLY
Freeway exit structure OFFRAMP
Give a new meaning to REDEFINE
Give a smile GRINAT
Greek consonants PHIS
Have meals delivered ORDERIN
Have the gumption DARE
Hi-tech appt. books PDAS
Hold high ESTEEM
Hotel Bible name GIDEON
How some court cases are won ONAPPEAL
Irritate CHAFE
Item on many a dressing table VANITYMIRROR
J.D. holder ATT
Clues Answers
Jamaican sectarian RASTA
Jeff Lynne's band, briefly ELO
Khan who married Rita Hayworth ALY
Kind of tuna BIGEYE
Lapse, as a subscription RUNOUT
Large desert SAHARA
Lauder of perfumery ESTEE
Letters on a PC key ESC
Like two peas in a -- POD
Madames of Madrid SENORAS
Made into an alloy FUSED
Merit badge holder SASH
Meryl of film STREEP
More vicious CRUELER
Native Arizonans YUMAS
Nativity scene CRECHE
Nonstandard stock buy ODDLOT
Not moored ADRIFT
Not punctual LATE
Nothing more than MERE
Old West sheriff's badge TINSTAR
One skilled with a sickle REAPER
Opp. of withdrawal DEP
Ovid's 'Lo!' ECCE
Ovid's 107 CVII
Pasta-can man CHEFBOYARDEE
Pipette, e.g TUBE
Pizza Hut alternative PAPAJOHNS
Pond slime ALGAE
Pretty large portion HEFTYCHUNK
Profit from USE
Pub pastime DARTS
Put in a box ENCASE
Rapacious mitts GREEDYPAWS
Razor-billed bird AUK
Revolver in a pantry LAZYSUSAN
Ripening agent AGER
Rocket org NASA
Rule: Abbr REG
Rx writers MDS
Seasoned veteran OLDPRO
Skirt relative SARONG
So as to be countable FINITELY
Some piano fixers TUNERS
Spirits GHOSTS
Spoon-bending Geller URI
Sprite in 'The Tempest' ARIEL
Stipulations IFS
Sugar suffix OSE
Summa -- laude CUM
Summary RECAP
Surrender CEDE
Teacher's gp NEA
That, in Peru ESA
Thesaurus on one's desk, say HANDYREFERENCE
They clear the boards ERASERS
They spin in PCs CDS
Throws with force HEAVES
Tito of mambo PUENTE
Tourney starter PRELIM
Underwrite INSURE
Vixen's lair DEN
Volcano WSW of Tokyo MTFUJI
Wage makers EARNERS
Work unit ERG
Worked over REDID
Yokohama drama NOH