Jonesin' - Sep 19 2013

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Clues Answers
'7 Faces of Dr. ___' LAO
'Addams Family' cousin ITT
'Cool' amount of money MIL
'Entourage' agent Gold ARI
'Green Acres' star Gabor EVA
'Hansel ___ Gretel' (German opera) UND
1989 play about Capote TRU
A kazillion years, it seems EONS
Amtrak listing, briefly STA
Angler's need ROD
Bialik of 'The Big Bang Theory' MAYIM
Bit of subterfuge RUSE
Bldg. units APTS
Blink-and-you'll-miss-it sighting CAMEOAPPEARANCE
Brew from South Africa ROOIBOSTEA
Cajun vegetable OKRA
Chinese revolutionary Sun ___-sen YAT
Concert shirt TEE
Data storage device, for short (hidden in PRESS DOWN) SSD
Dimensions beyond description EPICPROPORTIONS
Drought-damaged (hidden in SERENA WILLIAMS) SERE
Eat daintily SUP
Eleanor's White House successor BESS
Ending for Scotch (anagram of DRAG) GARD
Engine noise HUM
Former Army base in N.J FTDIX
Get (behind) LAG
Glorify EXTOL
Gordie who played 26 seasons HOWE
Grateful Dead bass guitarist Phil LESH
Hardly a happy camper IRATE
He wrote 'She's a Lady' ANKA
Historical time ERA
Hosp. facilities ERS
Hunky-dory AOK
It's said with a pat GOODDOGGIE
Clues Answers
J.D. Salinger heroine ESME
Label for Sonny & Cher ATCO
Last name in tractors DEERE
Latest craze FAD
Lewd dude LETCH
Light golden brown TAWNY
Makes out, to Brits SNOGS
Neo's realization that prompts the line 'Show me' IKNOWKUNGFU
New, in Nicaragua NUEVO
Norwegian phrase heard in the Upper Midwest UFFDA
Organic compound ENOL
Paradoxical philosopher ZENO
Park Avenue hotel, casually THEWALDORF
Poetic planet ORB
Prefix past tera- and peta- EXA
Put off DEFER
Reagan biographer Peggy NOONAN
Say something SPEAK
Scary Spice's alter ego MELB
Showing some cheek SASSY
Side dish often oven-roasted BABYREDPOTATOES
Slight bites NIPS
Solution strength, in Southampton (anagram of TRITE) TITRE
Some abstract paintings ARPS
Sphinx's offering RIDDLE
Teen follower AGER
They blow off steam EXHAUSTFANS
They come before deliveries PREGNANCIES
They get swapped for quarters ONES
Unnamed source of a secret, playfully LITTLEBIRD
Was preceded by STEMMEDFROM
What yoga and meditation help with STRESSREDUCTION
Wu-Tang Clan producer RZA
Wyclef Jean or Lauryn Hill, once FUGEE
___ Canyon (Utah attraction) BRYCE