L.A. Times Daily - Aug 4 2013

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Clues Answers
"Breaking __ Hard to Do" UPIS
"Ghastly grim and ancient" poem title critter THERAVEN
"Is this too big a chance?" DAREI
"MTV Unplugged" lack AMP
"Stop adding milk and sugar to these brews!"? DONTMESSWITHTEAS
"Super Mario" brother LUIGI
"Tintin in Tibet" creature YETI
19- and 80-Across letters NES
49-Down, as a rookie MET
Acrobats' gear NETS
Actress Campbell NEVE
Actress Scacchi GRETA
Airport pickup concern, briefly ETA
Battles with thrown weapons PIEFIGHTS
Boathouse item OAR
Bob or weave COIF
Brewer's kiln OAST
British heiress __ Khan JEMIMA
Call for ENTAIL
Cause of an env. bulge ENC
Chemical experiment substances REACTANTS
Church official DEACON
Clip-__: ties ONS
Continues strolling WALKSON
Coot relative CRAKE
Coughing and sneezing? STATEOFFLU
Country stopover INN
Cowboy hat STETSON
Crop circle makers, supposedly UFOS
Daytime __ EMMY
Do miserably, in slang TANK
Dog tags, say IDS
Doyle's narrator WATSON
Dutch South Africans in need of exercise? HEAVYWEIGHTBOERS
Early 16th-century date MDI
European wine region ASTI
Fashion collaboration of actor James and a one-named rock-'n'-roller? MASONDIONLINE
Find on the dial TUNEIN
Flashy promotion HYPE
Flower part SEPAL
Fonda's "The Grapes of Wrath" role JOAD
French student ELEVE
Gallery item EASEL
General Bradley OMAR
Get in the game ANTE
Gimlet ingredient LIMEJUICE
Goalie's protective wear NECKGUARD
Good things to keep about you WITS
Green expanses LEAS
Hands over CEDES
Hardly hard up RICH
Help-wanted ad periods AFTS
Hibachi residue ASH
High nos. for rocket scientists? IQS
High-tech address URL
Holder of numerous pitching records who never won a Cy Young Award NOLANRYAN
Holiday elves who can't get along? ARCTICFOES
IM pioneer AOL
Inbox clogger SPAM
Indian title SAHIB
Inordinate UNDUE
Intuition of some "Star Wars" villains? THESITHSENSE
Jersey output COWSMILK
Journalist Kupcinet IRV
Clues Answers
Lamont, to Fred Sanford SON
Led Zeppelin's "Whole __ Love" LOTTA
Like eyes "you can't hide," in an Eagles song LYIN
Like Keats's urn GRECIAN
Lint roller target, maybe CATHAIR
Little cut NICK
Long and slimy EELY
Maestro Zubin MEHTA
Making waves? ROWING
Mane character in Narnia ASLAN
MD office posting HRS
Memorable moralist AESOP
Monster's nickname NESSIE
Montezuma subject AZTEC
Much-kneaded treatment? MASSAGE
Name of 13 popes LEO
Noodlehead TWIT
Not all SOME
Not fancy at all ABHOR
O'Neill's "The Hairy __" APE
One making bread EARNER
One who is honored and hopeful NOMINEE
Orbit bit ARC
Overlooked FORGOTTEN
Pack it in QUIT
Pasture cry BLEAT
Pasture moms EWES
Penniless one HAVENOT
Porcine patter OINKS
Posthumous 2009 George Harrison album LETITROLL
Prefix with fauna AVI
Pritzker Prize winner ARCHITECT
Pull with effort WREST
Purell target GERM
Put back to work REHIRED
Roof rim EAVE
Scarf down EAT
See 85-Across TRUE
Showy display ECLAT
Skip over PASS
Sleep lab letters REM
Solstice mo DEC
Some 35mm cameras SLRS
Some Surrealist works DALIS
Sphere of influence AMBIT
Stage direction ENTER
Stick in a box MATCH
Stud spot EAR
Surrendered WAIVED
Ten-armed species SQUIDS
Tent site CAMP
Those girls, in Oaxaca ELLAS
Through VIA
Time chunk ERA
To the sky UPWARD
Try to take to the cleaners? SUE
Tug or tub BOAT
Unexpected affection, and an alternate title for this puzzle STOLENKISSES
Uno e due TRE
Up to it ABLE
Verbatim line QUOTE
Video game princess ZELDA
Was embarrassed FELTAFOOL
Weaknesses of a prof's helper? TALIABILITIES
Wiry-coated terrier AIREDALE
Wisecrack JEST
With 77-Across, "Amen!" TOO
__ chi ch'uan TAI