L.A. Times Daily - May 3 2013

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Clues Answers
"I __ stupid!" AMSO
"The Lord of the Rings" Hobbit SAM
Abbr. used for brevity ETC
Appraisal no EST
As good as ever LIKENEW
Asian capital HANOI
Belief of more than a billion ISLAM
Chest chambers ATRIA
Chosen groups ELITES
Clichéd film assistant IGOR
Come to __ AHALT
Consequently THUS
Continues LASTS
Deg. for Tim Whatley on "Seinfeld" DDS
Don't deny ADMIT
Egg foo __ YUNG
Embittered SORE
Fiber source ROUGHAGE
Former Prizm maker GEO
Fr. address MME
Had a big hit HOMERED
Hang on a line DRIPDRY
Hip-hop Dr DRE
Hwys RDS
In most instances ASARULE
In transit SENT
Inhaled, with "down" SCARFED
It may be historical EVENT
It's tossed TRASH
Jets coach Ryan REX
Landlocked European country MACEDONIA
Lettered Bklyn. thoroughfare AVE
Like wall phones RETRO
Clues Answers
Magic Eraser spokesman MRCLEAN
Minnesota's St. __ College OLAF
Mishmash MELANGE
Moves quickly HASTENS
N.L. city ATL
Nancy Drew's guy NED
Nephew of Donald DEWEY
Old-style shade SEPIA
One who can see what you mean LIPREADER
One who may object: Abbr ATTY
Overflow TEEM
Pledged, in a way TITHED
Political fugitive EMIGRE
Portable digs TENT
Portfolio letters IRA
Prison in 1971 news ATTICA
Put to vigorous use EXERTED
Qualifying suffix ISH
Red liqueur SLOEGIN
Salon solvent ACETONE
Scholarship-offering federal gp ROTC
Shakespearean adverb EEN
Sherpa's sighting YETI
Supporter #1 RICHUNCLE
Supporter #2 SUGARDADDY
Supporter #3 MEALTICKET
Supporters 1, 2 and 3 FREERIDES
Things found around the house YARDS
Traveling Wilburys co-founder Jeff LYNNE
Tricky stroke MASSE
Unrestrained indulgence ORGY
Volume control? SHH
Watts of "The Impossible" NAOMI
Where you might be with this puzzle's 59-Across? FATCITY
Wood protectors COASTERS
Word with power or panel SOLAR