L.A. Times Daily - Apr 19 2013

Clues Answers
"Put up your dukes, then!" ITSON
"__ Scissorhands" EDWARD
"__ Theme": "Doctor Zhivago" song LARAS
*Celebrating the big five-oh, say MIDDLEAGED
*Dancer with many fans SALLYRAND
*Profit factors COSTPRICES
*Small museum piece OBJETDART
5-Across's home: Abbr SWE
Art movement SCHOOL
Ate (at) GNAWED
Atheist activist Madalyn Murray __ OHAIR
Bargainer with GM UAW
Beige relative ECRU
Bender BINGE
Brain tests, briefly EEGS
Break up ENDIT
Brief commitment IDO
Checked for the last time? MATED
City on the Rhone LYONS
City SE of Roma NAPOLI
Clear RID
Code talkers' tribe NAVAJO
Common folk group TRIO
Country across the sea from Eritrea YEMEN
Court cry OYEZ
Crow's croak CAW
Dennis the Menace neighbor MRWILSON
Denpasar's island BALI
Dole's running mate KEMP
Drop zone? EARLOBE
Eat at BUG
Fast horse ARAB
Fjord cousin RIA
Freak (out) WIG
German opener EINS
Her last film was "Two-Faced Woman" GARBO
Hog : sow :: rabbit : __ DOE
Clues Answers
Icky coating GRIME
Imitated DID
Injure, in a way CLAW
Its young are called crias LLAMA
Lacking siblings ONLY
Leafy recess BOWER
LeVar's "Roots" role KUNTA
Like one who is 52-Down LOSER
Lose it GOMAD
Member of a large kingdom ANIMAL
Newspaper page OPED
Oil-rich African country GABON
Pen filler INK
Pen's mate COB
Pigeon-loving Muppet BERT
Pirate played by Laughton KIDD
President with a B.A. from Columbia OBAMA
Put forth without proof ALLEGE
Rock's __ Lobos LOS
Seaweed extract AGAR
Shoulder-length hair styles PAGEBOYS
Siouan tribe IOWA
Spa specimen BOD
Statistician's input RAWDATA
Sum, sometimes IAM
Super Fro-Yo sellers TCBYS
Terse observation ADAGE
The "you" in the 1968 lyric "Gee I think you're swell" ELENORE
Their first parts are geog. indicators SSNS
Touch clumsily PAW
Tram contents ORE
W.S. winner in four of the last five years NLER
What the answers to starred clues end in, in more ways than one MINCEDOATHS
__ d'amore OBOE
__ dome ONION
__ mentality HIVE
__ Perce tribe NEZ
__ Victor RCA
__-Locka, Florida OPA