Wall Street Journal - Apr 19 2013 - April 19, 2013 - On a First Name Basis

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Clues Answers
'Behold!' to Brutus ECCE
'I see now' GOTIT
'I'll come to you ___': Macbeth ANON
'SNL' network NBCTV
'Take ___!' ('Scram!') AHIKE
'___ Gold' (Peter Fonda film) ULEES
A bicycle's built for two TIRES
Accounting abbr LIFO
ACLU issues RTS
Alla ___ (simple, in Sicily) BUONA
Anwar's predecessor GAMAL
Apportioned DOLED
Bank job, say CAPER
Baseball postseason semifinal, briefly ALCS
Bellow in the library SAUL
Benevolent fraternal soc. since 1819 IOOF
Best Picture winner in 2013 ARGO
Bestselling tablet IPAD
Bic rival PENTEL
Big shot with the bucks FATCAT
Bit of mischief PRANK
Bowl-A-Rama divisions LANES
California's motto EUREKA
Chick of jazz COREA
Choreographer Robbins JEROME
Churns up ROILS
Classic shoe polish brand SHINOLA
Clear ___ (not clear at all) ASMUD
Conversation starter OPENER
Course cries FORES
Creditor DEBTEE
Cumberland Gap trailblazer BOONE
Day, to Dayan YOM
Defendant's declaration PLEA
Definition for 100-Down GENTLETOUCH
Definition for 12-Down BEAMOFLIGHT
Definition for 13-Down COFFEESLANGILY
Definition for 45-Across NIGHTBEFORE
Definition for 46-Across SLENDERNAIL
Definition for 63-Down PLAINSPOKEN
Definition for 67-Across TAVERNTOTAL
Definition for 98-Down COLLEGEOFFICER
Degree in mathematics? NTH
Density symbol, in physics RHO
Doctoral candidates' hurdles ORALS
Doesn't go for the green, in golf LAYSUP
Email program option RESEND
End for elephant or serpent INE
Enter GOIN
Erstwhile partner of Regis KATHIELEE
Experience anew RELIVE
Eye of el tigre OJO
Football factory worker LACER
Free, in a way UNTIE
German article EIN
Getting ___ years ONIN
Glossy effects SHEENS
Green shampoo brand PRELL
Hardly pushy MEEK
Home of the Munch Museum OSLO
Hung out to dry AIRED
Islam's majority branch SUNNI
It comes from the heart AORTA
J. Alfred Prufrock's creator TSELIOT
Jerry of 'Summer of '42' HOUSER
Jockey's colors SILKS
Less loyal FALSER
Clues Answers
Librarian's bane NOISE
Measured quantity DOSE
Media watchdog agcy FCC
Meticulous attention CARE
Monarch catcher NET
Movers' hardboard MASONITE
NBA position CTR
Neologist COINER
New Jersey town where Edison built the first electric lighting system ROSELLE
Obi-Wan's portrayer ALEC
Old Chevys NOVAS
On the calm side ALEE
One may help you with your briefs PARALEGAL
Pageant accessories SASHES
Paris pathway ALLEE
Payable today DUE
Pedagogic letter EPISTLE
Pianist Hess MYRA
Pitchfork-shaped letters PSIS
Plow tower MULE
Possum's Australian cousin PHALANGER
Pother ADO
Prepare some steaks BROIL
Prez after Bubba DUBYA
Prove beneficial AVAIL
Puffed up INFLATED
Purplish-red color CLARET
Queen with a Grammy LATIFAH
Reaction to bad news GROAN
Reebok competitor FILA
Revival shout PRAISEGOD
Riga residents LETTS
Rote exercises DRILLS
Ryder Cup side USA
Saloon selection BEERS
SAT takers SRS
Scatter extraordinaire ELLA
School zone warning SLO
Scott of 'Men in Trees' ELROD
Shakespearean misanthrope TIMON
Shore soarers ERNS
Shows derision SCOFFS
Size between a tall and a venti GRANDE
Stevie Wonder hit honoring Ellington SIRDUKE
Strand at the airport, perhaps FOGIN
Tabloid mainstay Lindsay LOHAN
Tevye player Theodore BIKEL
Thousandth of a yen, once RIN
Tiny iron sliver FILING
Treaty opposed by Perot NAFTA
Tree surgeon, at times PRUNER
Tried to persuade URGED
Tried to persuade ENJOINED
Turow book ONEL
Twice quattuor OCTO
Victor Herbert operetta EILEEN
Wee nuisance GNAT
Where H and Z rhyme GREECE
Whimpers PULES
World Cup cry OLE
[See 101-Across] DEAN
[See 22-Across] JOE
[See 36-Down] RAY
[See 39-Down] PAT
[See 43-Across] EVE
[See 51-Across] TAB
[See 71-Across] FRANK
[See 81-Across] BRAD