L.A. Times Daily - Apr 18 2013

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YESICAN
"And the race __!" ISON
"Firework" singer Perry KATY
"It takes a licking ..." watch TIMEX
"Middle of Nowhere" director DuVernay AVA
"__ Believer": '60s hit IMA
#2: Abbr ASST
'80s pop duo with an exclamation point in its name WHAM
*"Keep in touch!" WRITEME
*Chicken choice WHITEMEAT
*Comics supervillain whose real name is Charles Brown KITEMAN
*Vampire victim's souvenir BITEMARKS
*Web page index SITEMAP
Basking goal TAN
Big name in scat ELLA
Blue hue AQUA
Brain part LOBE
Cake level TIER
Clarified butter GHEE
Contend VIE
Cry after being tagged IMIT
Cry from Cathy of comics ACK
Debacle FIASCO
Exile isle ELBA
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Flamboyant Dame EDNA
Flat container SHOEBOX
Gettysburg general MEADE
Green org EPA
Ice cream treats SUNDAES
Impish sort ELF
Indian city DELHI
Inner city buddy HOMEBOY
Invitation reminder letters BYOB
It goes around the world EQUATOR
Knock out of contention ELIMINATE
Leonine neck features MANES
Like most cabs METERED
Like some checking accounts NOFEE
Clues Answers
Like some vitamins CHEWABLE
Lingerie spec BRASIZE
Mac interface OSX
Mao Tse-__ TUNG
Moderating suffix ISH
Mononymous "Rumour Has It" singer ADELE
Passports, e.g IDS
Personal partner? UPCLOSE
Produce, as cartoons ANIMATE
Prohibit DEBAR
Renaissance painter Guido RENI
Restaurant survey creator ZAGAT
Retailer T.J. ___ MAXX
Seat, in slang USH
See 70-Across AGENDA
Sharpen HONE
Smacked, biblically SMOTE
Soda buys LITERS
Sought morays EELED
Start of a boast ICAME
Start to push? PEE
Steven Chu's Cabinet dept ENER
T. __ REX
Tape player button EJECT
Tease RIB
Terminate AXE
The ANC's country RSA
Trash repository BIN
Treading the boards ONSTAGE
U.K. record label EMI
Used peepers on EYED
Was introduced to MET
Weather for low beams FOG
What F or M may denote SEX
Where age always goes before beauty, briefly OED
Where to find a lot of answers? JEOPARDY
With 71-Across, what the answers to starred clues contain? HIDDEN
Yours, in Tours ATOI