L.A. Times Daily - Apr 6 2013

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Clues Answers
"High Fidelity" actress Lisa BONET
"I'm with you!" COUNTMEIN
"Prepare to be amazed!" ABRACADABRA
"The Sixth Sense" sense ESP
"What'd I tell you?" SOTHERE
A heap SCADS
Aaron of "Love Happens" ECKHART
Adriatic port BARI
Biting ACID
Brief "Don't ask so many questions!" MYOB
Buns, e.g DOS
Chain that makes a lot of dough SBARRO
City captured in the Six-Day War GAZA
Conjure up EVOKE
Crawled, say SWAM
Czech composer Rudolf FRIML
Dredger's target SILT
Fashionable heelless footwear BALLETFLATS
Fiesta fare TACO
Glass, vis-Г -vis electricity INSULATOR
Hagen of the stage UTA
Hanger in a rack PIPE
Hebrew winter month ADAR
Hot rock LAVA
Infamous 2001 shredders ENRON
Island blast LUAU
It was spawned by the Manhattan Project ATOMICAGE
It's at the top of many a round face XII
Legal defendant: Abbr RESP
Like carry-ons STOWABLE
Like many a movie genius EVIL
Likeness words ASAN
Liqueur used to color a Bloody Smurf cocktail BLUECURACAO
Listless LANGUID
Clues Answers
Most unusual RAREST
Note from abroad EURO
Only British prime minister of Jewish birth DISRAELI
Pasta suffix, commercially RONI
Pear-shaped fiddle REBEC
Peerage member EARL
Pejorative nickname for one supporting a cause via unproductive feel-good measures SLACKTIVIST
Place for a gondola ALP
Police weapons TASERS
Post-bender dose BICARB
Precious ones GEMS
Pub.'s client AUTH
Punic Wars victor ROME
Road trip listening AUDIOBOOKS
Saturn satellite DIONE
Short operatic piece ARIETTA
Showed some hustle MADEHASTE
Signs INKS
Sitcom about the Buchmans MADABOUTYOU
Slower than 43-Down INERT
Small magazine articles? BBS
So-so connection? AND
Speaking point? LECTERN
Stand firm in the face of defeat BRAZENITOUT
Statesman in a Warhol series MAO
Surrounded by AMID
Syllable of disapproval TUT
Teddy's Mount Rushmore neighbor ABE
Turn in the fridge SOUR
University of New Mexico team LOBOS
Voltaire's world-view DEISM
Word of repulsion ICK
Xylophone relative MARIMBA
__ parmigiana ALLA
__ whim ONA