- Mar 31 2013

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Clues Answers
''Armageddon'' author URIS
''Cut'' and ''paste'' VERBS
''How sweet __!'' ITIS
''Lemme!'' IWANNA
''Mountain'' mammal GOAT
''Small world, __ it?'' ISNT
40 Across decision TKO
71 Across assent AYE
Alter fraudulently DOCTOR
Alternatives to Casios SEIKOS
AP rival UPI
Arab League charter member SYRIA
Arboreal Aussie KOALA
Asian flatbread NAN
Assess, as a fine LEVY
Backmost of the Beatles STARR
Ball-bearing pegs TEES
Bard's twilight EEN
Bible distributor GIDEON
Big fuss ADO
Bistro handouts MENUS
Blaze alert FIRESIREN
Blew one's cool SAWRED
Brake part SHOE
British county SHIRE
Broad-based WIDE
Brownish gray SMOKY
Capt.'s subordinates LTS
Car-boot contents TYRE
Cardigans, for example KNITS
Carry-on, e.g BAG
Close shave SCARE
Complaint, slangily BEEF
Confined SHUT
Cumberland Gap explorer BOONE
Do a slow burn SEETHE
Dorian Gray creator OSCARWILDE
Dredge up UNEARTH
Egg qty DOZ
European capital, in song PAREE
Feelings VIBES
Flamboyant Surrealist DALI
Flooring measure AREA
Follow a nature trail HIKE
Fourth piggie's share NONE
Goodyear's headquarters AKRON
GPS reading DIR
Gray dog breed WEIMARANER
Gray Panthers member SENIORCITIZEN
Heavy weight TON
Held in check ATBAY
Horseshoe-shaped letter OMEGA
How gray market workers are paid UNDERTHETABLE
Inhabitant DENIZEN
Ivory Coast neighbor GHANA
Japanese carmaker MAZDA
Jazz singer Vaughan SARAH
Jewelers' lenses LOUPES
Kickers' targets, maybe SHINS
Library no-no NOISE
Live ARE
Longing feeling ACHE
Luau instrument UKE
Macbeth's title THANE
Midwest hub OHARE
Modern b-day greeting ECARD
Mystery or sci-fi GENRE
Novelist Fleming IAN
Of some blood vessels VENOUS
Oil-can letters SAE
Once more ANEW
One in the service? TEAPOT
Open-eyed AWAKE
Clues Answers
Opening pay-in ANTE
Out of the way TOONESIDE
Out of whack AMISS
Out of whack AWRY
Part of UAE ARAB
Pasture plaint MOO
Pesky swarm GNATS
Photo on the wall PINUP
Phrase coined by Thomas Gray in his ''Elegy'' KINDREDSPIRIT
Pocahontas' hubby ROLFE
Port near Burns' birthplace AYR
Potato or yam TUBER
Prefix for cycle TRI
Prefix for cycle UNI
Prefix meaning ''bad'' DYS
Pugilists' org WBA
Refuse to go BALK
Relay race segment LEG
Reproachful sound SNORT
Reproachful sound TSK
Rodeo Drive retailer near Lauren ARMANI
Roundball league NBA
Runs slowly TROTS
Seer's deck TAROT
Sheltered bays COVES
Sleek, in car lingo AERO
Small singer WREN
Small singer BIRD
Soft and lustrous SILKY
Software test version BETA
Some sports venues COLISEUMS
Songs for one SOLI
Sought damages SUED
Sounds of relief AHS
Spinning sounds WHIRS
Standoffish ALOOF
Start of a spelling rule IBEFOREE
Stein filler ALE
Street of horror films ELM
Sturdily built SOLID
Successful, so to speak SOCKO
Succotash ingredient CORN
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Symbol of freshness DAISY
Synthetic fabric BANLON
Tacks on ADDS
Teen idol Efron ZAC
Tennis prize DAVISCUP
They may fill an auto rack SKIS
They produce shades of gray BLACKANDWHITE
Toggery DUDS
Tractor-trailer SEMI
Trampled TROD
Tropical keys ISLES
Typically gray vessel BATTLESHIP
Urban pollution SMAZE
Van Gogh home ARLES
Vietnam's capital HANOI
View from the Left Bank SEINE
Walter Mitty of filmdom KAYE
Ward off DETER
Was in debt OWED
Weak-__ (timid) KNEED
Weeper of myth NIOBE
Where Gray Davis served as governor CALIFORNIA
With marvelous agility ACROBATIC
Young 'un LAD
__ capita PER
__ Jima IWO
__ out a win EKE