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Clues Answers
'-- Gold' (Peter Fonda film) ULEES
'As -- often the case ...' ISSO
'Fame' singer IRENECARA
'On the Media' airer NPR
'Quiet down!' SHH
'The Divine Sarah' of stage and screen BERNHARDT
'The Lost Weekend co-star Ray' MILLAND
'The Man' Musial STAN
'There is Nothin' Like --' ('South Pacific' song) ADAME
-- -Aryan INDO
-- -Magnon man CRO
-- and zag ZIG
-- Bator ULAN
-- charge (gratis) ATNO
-- es Salaam DAR
-- Lodge ECONO
-- nitrite (angina treatment) AMYL
A bit askew OFF
A law unto -- ITSELF
About, in dates CIRCA
Actor Arkin ALAN
Aleve rival ADVIL
Ames' home IOWA
Amorous rendezvous TRYST
At once NOW
Baby tiger CUB
Become swollen BLOAT
Berra of baseball YOGI
Blast stuff TNT
Bottom-line costs NETPRICES
Boy shopping for foppish clothes? KIDINADANDYSTORE
Braid anew REWEAVE
Brian of Roxy Music ENO
Bring to ruin DOIN
Broadway's 'Miss --' SAIGON
CBS military drama NCIS
Chinese, e.g ASIAN
Chou En- -- LAI
Conical-bore instrument OBOE
Counsel ADVICE
CPA hirer IRS
Crowded DENSE
Cure- -- (panaceas) ALLS
Data-entry person TYPIST
Dog trained to load ships? DOCKERSPANIEL
Dried out SERE
Dull color worn by violinists? FIDDLERDRAB
Elite retreat SPA
Era-spanning story SAGA
F preceders BCDE
Fabricated in advance PREMADE
Fawn nurser DOE
Finds out LEARNS
Flower part PISTIL
Furry scarf BOA
Game using a large deck UNO
Game with pawns CHESS
Gave out new hands REDEALT
Gem with a play of colors OPAL
Genuflected KNELT
Gorgeous resident of Rome? DREAMYITALIAN
Hammy actor EMOTER
Hedge shrub YEW
Helpful lead TIP
Hideaways LAIRS
Hope (to) ASPIRE
Housebroke TAMED
Ia. neighbor NEB
Ice-block houses IGLOOS
In- -- -face YOUR
Clues Answers
Ireland's -- Lingus AER
Item swiped for credit VISACARD
Jellyfish woe STING
John Hersey's 'A Bell for --' ADANO
Kitchen wrap SARAN
Large tank VAT
Legislator in D.C SEN
Like a heavy favorite ODDSON
Little hotels INNS
Loathsome FOUL
Main topic THEME
Make a gaffe ERR
Mani- -- PEDI
Many newspapers DAILIES
Mets' old ballpark SHEA
Modify, as a program RECODE
Mole's kin SHREW
Nest eggs for srs IRAS
Not live, as a TV show ONTAPE
Order Barrymore to stay in? GROUNDDREW
Pan toppers LIDS
Papas who love pekoe? TEADADDIES
Part of rpm PER
PC monitor type LCD
Plead BEG
Poi base TARO
Prefix with physics GEO
Proxima Centauri, e.g DWARFSTAR
Punker Vicious SID
Quick bites NOSHES
Rage FAD
Rapping 'Dr.' DRE
Real meanie OGRE
Rest lazily LOUNGE
Seat winners INS
Second part of a play ACTII
See 117-Down FAST
Set a price of ASK
Shark to watch out for MANEATER
Silk spinner SPIDER
Singer Yearwood TRISHA
Sorority letter ETA
Sorority letters PIS
Soviet Union spy org KGB
Squirrel food ACORNS
Suffix with fool or ghoul ISH
Summer, in Toulon ETE
Sums of cash MONEYS
Take potshots (at) SNIPE
Takeoff abbr ETD
Talks Texas-style while trapped by some rubble? DRAWLSUNDERAROCK
Taunt in fun TWIT
Team esteem MORALE
Test, as ore ASSAY
Things enjoyed at a beer-selling gallery? ARTSANDDRAFTS
Time of note ERA
Toni Morrison bestseller SULA
Toothpaste tube letters ADA
Top medals GOLDS
Totally lost ATSEA
Twisty paths ESSES
Ultimate degree NTH
Valentine's Day god EROS
Very big dog GREATDANE
Wall-to-wall people, e.g ROOMFUL
What major flooding may do to an Australian state? DROWNVICTORIA
With 128-Across, sped WENT
Wood-trimming tool ADZE
Work without -- ANET