New York Times - Feb 21 2013

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Clues Answers
'Bewitched' wife, familiarly SAM
'Carmina Burana' composer ORFF
'Grand, ungodly, godlike man' of fiction AHAB
'No ___!' SIREE
'Octopus's Garden' singer STARR
'The Bad News Bears' actor MATTHAU
'Verrry interesting!' WELLNOW
'Who cares?' SOWHAT
A satellite may be kept in it ORBIT
Actress Thurman UMA
Apiarist's facial display BEEBEARD
Be off ERR
Biblical hunter ESAU
Big name in ice cream EDY
Charmin and others, for short TPS
Chatter GAB
Commercial snack cakes HOHOS
Cracker topper EDAM
Discuss in detail HASHOUT
Dust Bowl phenomenon DROUGHT
Econ. stat GNP
Enterprise counselor TROI
Every seven days AWEEK
Facebook co-founder Saverin EDUARDO
First name in the 2012 Republican primary NEWT
Goose : gaggle :: ___ : knot TOAD
Hi-___ RES
Hierarchical level: Abbr ECH
Hotel room option KING
In groups ELITES
Islam, e.g FAITH
It might avoid a collar FLEA
Last Pope Paolo, numerically SESTO
Latin lover's whisper TEAMO
Leaving no stone unturned THOROUGH
Like frying vis-à-vis baking GREASIER
Clues Answers
Mass junk mailers SPAMBOTS
Move like a 29-Across HOP
New York City composition BOROUGHS
Norway's patron saint OLAF
Offenbach's 'Belle nuit, ô nuit d'amour,' e.g DUET
One is named for the explorer James Ross POLARSEA
Orchestrate ARRANGE
Overshadows DWARFS
Press URGE
Private performances? USOTOUR
Pull in the driveway, say GETHOME
Radio format OLDIES
Seafloor features TROUGHS
See 32-Down EDGES
Shades, e.g EYEWEAR
Shed, with 'off' SLOUGH
Sign of a hit SRO
Skedaddles GITS
Spin-heavy shot MASSE
Spin-o-___ (360-degree hockey maneuver) RAMA
Stipend source FUND
Suffers from HAS
Traditional Irish brew REDALE
Travel option RAIL
Unbelievable, say TALL
Unisex wrap SARONG
Unwillingness to yield ADAMANCE
Utility belt item TOOL
What cats and waves do LAP
With 21- and 25-Down, lacking refinement ... like this puzzle's grid? ROUGH
Word with oyster or rose BED
Worker's advocate UNIONREP
___ blazes HOTAS
___ wonder (Tone Loc or Crowded House, e.g.) TWOHIT