L.A. Times Sunday - May 15 2005

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Clues Answers
"Alias" org. CIA
"Good one!" NICE
"Just a second!" HOLDON
"Money --- everything" ISNT
"Soeurs"' sibs FRERES
"Star Wars" villains EMPIRE
"To Autumn," e.g. ODE
A Day to remember DORIS
Action at eBay BID
Alkane used as fuel ETHANE
Basic belief TENET
Be a venture capitalist FUND
Beach blanket SAND
Beats a bunch ROUTS
Big hullabaloos FURORS
Blue hue TEAL
Blueprints PLANS
Brake a bit SLOW
Break apart SUNDER
Busy boom box? ACTIVERADIO
Castle in Kassel SCHLOSS
Chevy muscle car CORVETTE
Chiffons' "--- So Fine" HES
Chopin's "Butterfly," e.g. ETUDE
Comic Bernie MAC
Composer Domenico SCARLATTI
Cubitus bone ULNA
Cuts into three TRISECTS
Cuts up DICES
Delighted expressions OOHS
Denver/others OMELETS
Dole out doilies? RATIONLACE
Dumbfounded STUNNED
Duracell size AAA
Each, in tennis ALL
Economy class COACH
Eggs pluribus? OVA
Encompassed by AMIDST
Fairly, in fighting CLEANLY
Fanny Brice's "Baby" SNOOKS
Feather-light bread BRIOCHE
FedEx rival UPS
Field of flowers BOTANY
Fits snugly NESTS
Flaws in reasoning FALLACIES
Fled or bled RAN
Florentine family name MEDICI
Fragonard's friend AMI
Gin partner TONIC
Give --- shot ITA
Give a damn? CUSS
Gray-green color LODEN
Greek goddess of witchcraft HECATE
Greek Muse of comedy THALIA
Guitar bar FRET
Had a hunch SENSED
Half of boxcars SIX
Halloween handout TREAT
Has a tab OWES
He worked on canvases ALI
Heckelphone's kin OBOE
High no.? ALT
High-tech beam LASER
History, per Henry Ford BUNK
Home delivery paper? DEED
Inmate going down? DESCENDINGCON
Internet message board entry? MODERNPOST
It may make the grade TEST
It took the Heat MIAMI
It's down in the mouth TONSIL
Clues Answers
Jersey or Guernsey ISLE
John who sang of Daniel ELTON
Kilmer's classic TREES
Lake near Syracuse ONEIDA
Like some gunfighters' guns NOTCHED
Like some owls SCREECHY
Making a botch MANGLING
Male swan COB
Margot Fonteyn, Michael Flatley/them? DANCINGFOLK
Marks for misconduct DEMERITS
Me, to Mimi MOI
Modem termini? EMS
More creepy/crawly EERIER
Music's DeFranco or DeSylva BUDDY
Mythical king of Crete MINOS
Nonchalance EASE
Orpheus's instrument LYRE
Our omega ZEE
Parisian's possessive TES
Part of Hispaniola HAITI
Pencil holder, sometimes EAR
Percolated SEEPED
Pesky insect GNAT
Poet W.H. --- AUDEN
Possession CHATTEL
Prada product HANDBAG
Prefix meaning secret CRYPTO
Process leather TAN
Put away groceries? EAT
R.R.'s Star Wars SDI
Ram's horn SHOFAR
Ran without moving IDLED
Rasta's locks DREADS
Rent an attic room? BOARDABOVE
Robert Knievel, to most EVEL
Romantic interlude IDYLL
Runs in the raw STREAKS
Salade niçoise ingredient TUNA
Say seriously AVER
Scrutinize a Hitchcock classic? ANALYZEPSYCHO
Service stations? TEMPLES
Short times? SECS
Snowballed GREW
Some Federer serves ACES
Soul singer Hayes ISAAC
Stuff in folders? MANILA
Sub contractors? DELIS
Subtle emanation AURA
They're bent in bars ELBOWS
Third of a hat trick GOAL
Time immemorial AEON
Toe the line OBEY
Turkish Bath painter Jean INGRES
Unpacks the Mack UNLOADS
Use an awning in the rain? STANDUNDER
Vacation option TOUR
Washington/McKinley MOUNTS
What "will be" will be ARE
What a cracksman cracks SAFE
Wheedle COAX
Wilder's "--- Town" OUR
Winter coat? ICE
Wisconsin city RACINE
Woman, in Westerns GAL
Word before or after look OUT
Worshiped one DEITY
WWII's "We'll Meet Again" singer VERALYNN
Yarn-spinner's forte TALLTALE