New York Times - Sep 16 2012

Clues Answers
'Help wanted' inits EEO
'I ___ confused' AMSO
'Of course, señor!' SISI
'Rule Britannia' composer ARNE
'That is so funny - not!' HARHAR
'You betcha!' YEP
1960s TV spy org UNCLE
1972 Eastwood western JOEKIDD
2000 Ricky Martin hit SHEBANGS
A/C meas BTU
Actor Eric of 'Troy' BANA
Actor Wheaton of 'Stand by Me' WIL
Ad ___ HOC
Addition, of a sort ELL
African port of 2.2 million ACCRA
Airport data ETAS
Androgynous 'S.N.L.' skit turned into a 1994 movie ITSPAT
Appear as such SEEMSO
Arts and crafts supplies GLUEPOTS
Barrister's deg LLB
Beam over TELEPORT
Biblical name meaning 'high' ELI
Blitzkrieg, e.g ASSAULT
Busybody YENTA
Bygone ruler TSAR
California's ___ River EEL
Careful wording, maybe TACT
Casino draws SLOTS
Certain elective surgery, for short LIPO
Certain ones, in Brooklyn DESE
City on the Somme AMIENS
Coastal indentations RIAS
Coins that disappeared during the French Revolution ECUS
Coming up ONTAP
Common place for something to drop LAP
Couple of buddies? DEES
Cousin ___ ITT
Daddy-o POP
Day-___ GLO
Denounce harshly SCATHE
Designer Lagerfeld KARL
Dickens's Uriah HEEP
Director Wertmuller LINA
Doctrines ISMS
Domino's most important part? PIZZAOVEN
Eastern Conference N.B.A. city CHARLOTTE
Ersatz SHAM
Escapade LARK
Exhibit apoplexy FOAMATTHEMOUTH
Experience UNDERGO
Feminine suffix ENNE
First bishop of Paris STDENIS
Football pride of Detroit THELIONS
Forbidden perfume? TABU
French possessive AMOI
Gambling games LOTTOS
Game played with a rope CLUE
Goes on and on YAPS
Grandpa Munster portrayer ALLEWIS
Half a Yale cheer BOOLA
Half of an old film duo SISKEL
Highest taxonomic rank DOMAIN
Hip bones ILIA
Hopeless situation LOSTCAUSE
Istanbul's ___ Airport ATATURK
It may be cured MEAT
It's separated from N.B. by the Northumberland Strait PEI
Jai ___ ALAI
Kind of overalls BIB
Kind of sch ELEM
Clues Answers
Like strongmen BEEFY
Long-billed bird IBIS
Make a mistake FUMBLETHEBALL
Mauna ___ LOA
Monk's wear FROCK
More than 50% of humanity ASIANS
Nautical pronoun HER
New Mexico county or its seat TAOS
New Year abroad TET
Nonhuman villain of a classic 1968 film HAL
Not much of a try FEEBLEATTEMPT
Obsolescent belt attachment BEEPER
Olympic gold-medal gymnast Conner BART
One foot in a line IAMB
One letting off steam KETTLE
One small step ATOB
Ones with telescopes GAZERS
Onetime billionaire investor Laurence TISCH
Opens, in a way UNROLLS
P.M. part AFT
Per aspera ad ___ ASTRA
Pesto part BASIL
Phone billing plan ONERATE
Response to a sinking feeling? SOS
Rock's ___ Fighters FOO
Rope material HEMP
Rudely interrupts BUTTSIN
Safecracker YEGG
Saint Agnes' ___ (January 20) EVE
Sans-serif typeface ARIAL
Septic tank worker? ANAEROBE
Sign with an arrow DETOUR
Skin soother ALOE
Smooth, in a way PAVE
Speak raucously BLAT
Start of a spill SLOSH
Successors' spots STEADS
Suffix with duck LING
Suffix with peck or puck ISH
Symbol of Aphrodite ROSE
Terrific, in slang BOSS
The scarlet letter REDA
The White House's ___ Room EAST
Thingamajig GIZMO
Think that maybe one can DARETO
Title heroine of a Gustave Charpentier opera LOUISE
Try to reach headquarters, say DIALIN
Two long parts of the body ULNAS
Versatile kind of tire ALLSEASON
Vest opening ARMHOLE
Web app platform JAVA
When things aren't going right OFFDAY
William ___ Henley, 'Invictus' poet ERNEST
Wish one ___ (rue) HADNT
With 50-Down, cry made in [the circled letters] after the starts of 54-, 33-, 30- and 14-Down ISMELLTHEBLOOD
With the bow, musically ARCO
Worldport airline PANAM
Wrap up END
Write PEN
___ Dorney, locale of 2012 Olympic rowing ETON
___ es Salaam DAR
___ kwon do TAE
___ Lumpur, Malaysia KUALA
___ Paulo SAO
___ v. Ashcroft (2004 privacy case) ACLU