Wall Street Journal - Sep 7 2012 - September 7, 2012 - Extra Specialists

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Clues Answers
'A Stroll in the Air' playwright IONESCO
'For real' ITSSO
'I kissed thee ere I killed thee' speaker OTHELLO
'I really didn't say everything I said' sayer BERRA
'Les ___ in A Minor' (Allman Brothers Band song) BRERS
'Show Boat' captain ANDY
'Stand' band REM
'The General' star KEATON
'The Sound of Music' extras NUNS
'We're in trouble' UHOH
'___ live and breathe!' ASI
'___ perpetua' (Idaho motto) ESTO
1960s sexist, for short MCP
1979 Pro Bowl MVP Ahmad RASHAD
A few pointers, say DOGS
Adam's third son SETH
Adventure movie staples CHASES
Arabian hearing specialist? SAUDIOLOGIST
Assume the role of ACTAS
Attack word SIC
Author Jaffe RONA
Be futile DONOGOOD
Big lugs APES
Bunny tail SCUT
Bus. card info PHONENO
Card reader of a sort ATM
Cause of a fracture STRESS
City served by Gardermoen Airport OSLO
Coal holder BIN
Collard greens seasoner HAMHOCK
Collection agcy IRS
Composer Prokofiev SERGEI
Copier supply TONER
Danger when using oven cleaner FUMES
Daniel with a Comedy Central show TOSH
Defeat utterly THRASH
Disco guy on 'The Simpsons' STU
Down SAD
Elite fighting group SEALS
Embraced, literally or figuratively WELCOMED
Equilateral quadrilateral RHOMBUS
Ethical specialist who does extractions? MORALSURGEON
Fam. tree label DESC
Feeling angst UNSETTLED
Flatten, informally SMUSH
Floozy SLUT
Fundamentally ATHEART
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Gets rid of PURGES
Gift for a seventh anniversary WOOL
Go on and on PRATE
Goes down SETS
Greenland cover ICESHEET
Head ___ (completely) TOTOE
Hector's end? RHO
Height: Prefix ACRO
Hit on the head BOP
In case LEST
In vogue CHIC
In vogue HIP
Isle of exile ELBA
Kept track of CHARTED
Kind of wonder ONEHIT
Lake tribe ERIES
Last king of a united Sweden and Norway OSCARII
Clues Answers
Letters on Cardinals caps STL
Like a wedding cake TIERED
Like many an Olympic gold medalist FASTEST
Like peas in ___ APOD
Looks both ways? SEES
Lothario SEDUCER
Meter man? POET
Modeling material for moppets PLAYDOH
Mount featured on the Armenian coat of arms ARARAT
Move among moguls SKI
Not in mint condition RUSTED
NYC subway overseer MTA
Obama's birthplace OAHU
Of mammoth proportions EPIC
One way to be accused FALSELY
Operetta set in Titipu THEMIKADO
Parsley pieces SPRIGS
Periscope piece LENS
Photo lab abbr ENL
Photography sessions SHOOTS
Planet rescued by Flash Gordon MONGO
Political damage control SPIN
Prussian pronoun ICH
Put under SEDATE
Puts in ELECTS
Quarterback's call HUT
Reminders NUDGES
River of Devon EXE
Saddle storage spot TACKROOM
Securities trader, for short ARB
Shock to the system TRAUMA
Singer called 'the Voice of the Civil Rights Movement' ODETTA
Sixth of a fl. oz TSP
Sly & the Family Stone's 'Everybody Is ___' ASTAR
South Vietnam's last president THIEU
Specialist who checks pupils at the police academy? COPTOMETRIST
Specialist who delivers for the Sopranos? MOBSTETRICIAN
Specialist who doesn't know what he's doing? LOSTEOPATH
Specialist who keeps a Kardashian healthy? KIMMUNOLOGIST
Specialist who listens to sole music? IPODIATRIST
Specialist who treats Santa's broken ankle? NORTHOPEDIST
Specialist who's paid in continental currency? EUROLOGIST
State of agitation LATHER
State-of-the-art HITECH
Staunton of 'Vera Drake' IMELDA
Still YET
Stock holders CORRALS
Stronghold FORTRESS
Suffix with count or heir ESS
Super dupers? LIARS
Swank on screen HILARY
True-blue STAUNCH
Umenyiora of the New York Giants OSI
US Airways headquarters city TEMPE
Weed-___ (lawn care brand) BGON
When the Supreme Court term starts OCTOBER
Worked up INASTIR
Yellow buttonlike flower TANSY
___ publica (the state) RES
___-Caps SNO