Universal - Aug 31 2012

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Clues Answers
"Bye-bye, Brigitte" ADIEU
"Victory ___" (1954 film) ATSEA
"When ___ Eyes Are Smiling" IRISH
A Bobbsey twin NAN
A, in geometry AREA
Airline's best guess (Abbr.) ETA
Ammonia compound IMIDE
Angle between 0 and 90 degrees ACUTE
Back-of-the-book section INDEX
Be taken with ADORE
Beachcomber's find SEASHELL
British break beverages TEAS
Chagall or Connelly MARC
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Comes up short LOSES
Confession components SINS
Connecting link NEXUS
Demeanor or manner MIEN
Didn't drink daintily SLURPED
Distance between wingtips SPAN
Eagle's home AERIE
Employ for a purpose USE
Fabled tale teller AESOP
Famous Chinese chairman MAO
Fed. mail agency USPS
Funeral fire PYRE
Game that begins with a break POCKETBILLIARDS
Gem with colored bands ONYX
Goalie protectors PADS
Hampton of jazz fame LIONEL
Hebrew alphabet openers ALEPHS
Hindu holy man SADHU
Hoedown honey GAL
Hunk of dirt CLOD
Hunt for bargains SHOP
In a different form ANEW
John or Paul, but not Ringo POPE
Land of the alpaca PERU
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Clues Answers
Library no-no NOISE
Long-jawed fish GAR
Marine eagle ERNE
Meadow mamas EWES
Medal winner HERO
Metallic fabrics LAMES
Microsoft customer USER
Opera solo ARIA
Part of a crescent moon CUSP
Part of Einstein's famous equation MASS
Pastoral place LEA
Pastrami or salami MEAT
Pop's pop (Var.) GRANDAD
Possessed, scriptures-style HADST
Powerful impulse URGE
Retire from the snack food industry? CASHINONESCHIPS
Rounds and clips, for short AMMO
Rule the kingdom REIGN
Ruminant's chew CUD
Schnozz NOSE
Shaded area UMBRA
Split apart REND
Square fare? MEAL
Stares in wonder GAPES
Start of North Carolina's motto ESSE
Stashed supply CACHE
Successful solver's shout AHA
Sword feature EDGE
Tangelo relative UGLI
Time edition ISSUE
Turkish honorific AGHA
U.S. Open component SET
Wife of Osiris ISIS
Within the law LICIT
___ and cry (public clamor) HUE
___ in comparison PALED
___ out a win (barely beat) EKE