Ink Well xwords - May 25 2012

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Clues Answers
'Gathering of the Juggalos' band, for short ICP
'Just What I Needed' composer Ocasek RIC
'That's enough, thanks' IMGOOD
'That's funny!' IGETIT
'The Sixth Sense' ability, briefly ESP
2008 campaign chant NOBAMA
2012 event to be held in Charlotte, NC DNC
Alexander McQueen dress option ALINE
American Psychiatric Association handbook DSMIV
Animation frame CEL
Apple alternative to Skype FACETIME
Approved of, on Facebook LIKED
Bags with shoulder straps TOTES
Black ball in Spain OCHO
Brand with fancy egg beaters OXO
Breyers competitor EDYS
Brooklyn rapper who feuded with 40-Across BIGGIE
Brooklyn rapper who feuded with 51-Across NAS
Charming WINSOME
Chronicler of ancient Troy VIRGIL
Data storage letters RAM
Decision about which small socks to purchase? BOOTIECALL
Deep Blue and others IBMS
Democratic way to decide which rocking device is best? SWINGVOTE
Dude with an Iron Maiden shirt and beer belly, at many shows ROADIE
Egyptian president Nasser GAMAL
Exceptions BUTS
Extract gas, in a way FRACK
Finest sounds? SIRENS
Fishing collectives FLEETS
Guitarist's settings TUNINGS
Handy DEFT
How peacocks strut VAINLY
Hybrid from Chevy VOLT
Info jotted down about baby beds? CRIBNOTES
Iran-Contra figure Edwin MEESE
Clues Answers
Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, ___ Jon Stewart AKA
Just bubbling, on the stove ONSIMMER
L.A. cultural venue MOCA
Lefty songwriter who spells her name in lowercase letters KDLANG
Link letters URL
Make a break for it FLEE
Measurements from the crotch down INSEAMS
Milk container delivery option? BOTTLESERVICE
Ministère de l'Éducation's schools ECOLES
Miss ___ (psychic charged by the FCC) CLEO
Not too taxing BEARABLE
Old calorie intake letters RDA
One who treats shingles? ROOFER
Option for preparing eggs, briefly? IVF
Place to wallow STY
Playa PIMP
Prefix meaning 'wrong' MIS
Premier breast milk alternative? FORMULAONE
Profess ALLEGE
Rapper mourned May 4, 2012 MCA
Repudiate DENY
Schedule placeholder TBA
Show contempt for SNEERAT
Some European gypsies ROMAS
Some Korean electronics LGS
Source of some nectar AGAVE
Speaker of the House who battled Bill NEWT
Standard Oil, later AMOCO
Store that used to sell the drug andro GNC
To the decimal EXACT
Union enemy SCAB
Wavy '80s style PERM
Word after hard or bad ASS
Writing rules GRAMMAR
You might throw it in someone's face PIE