Universal - Oct 25 2004

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Clues Answers
"Lohengrin" heroine ELSA
"Me and My ___" (Spencer Tracy film) GAL
"Put a ___ it" (hush) LIDON
"That's a lie!" NOTSO
"The Color Purple" author Walker ALICE
"___ be a cold day ..." ITLL
"___ to Kill" (Grisham novel) ATIME
Always, poetically EER
Art follower DECO
Articulate UTTER
Aviation prefix AERO
Biosphere sci. ECOL
Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII ANNE
Carson follower LENO
Circular current EDDY
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Companion of ends ODDS
Diminishes in intensity ABATES
Drying kilns OASTS
Explorer Vasco da ___ GAMA
Finally! ATLAST
Flounder relative SOLE
Get deservedly EARN
Glaring error BONER
Greenwich Village campus, briefly NYU
Have a date? EAT
He fiddled infamously NERO
Infrequently-played song BSIDE
It may be restricted AREA
Kauai salutation ALOHA
Languish PINE
Luminary STAR
Make ready PREP
Miniscule amount TRACE
More than intuition ESP
Nebraska river PLATTE
New Testament book ACTS
Noun modifiers (Abbr.) ADJS
Ones of a kind? ACES
Clues Answers
Org. terminated by Clinton ICC
Pioneer's transport PRAIRIESCHOONER
Rare rags-to-riches route LOTTO
Rare shoe width EEE
Reaction of shock GASP
Reject DENY
Role player ACTOR
Sackcloth material HEMP
Scottish river DEE
Secretive attention getter PSST
Send into retirement PUTOUTTOPASTURE
Send to the minors again RECUT
Shining example? SUN
Shopworn TRITE
Sign gas NEON
Site of the first modern Olympics ATHENS
Slugger of note AARON
Stumper POSER
Subordinate to UNDER
Suggestive looks LEERS
Suit to ___ ATEE
Supply and demand subj. ECON
Takes some hacks BATS
The going rate? SPEED
Third son SETH
Tissue additive, perhaps ALOE
Use acid artistically ETCH
Vampire slayer STAKE
Vidalia, e.g. ONION
Weightlifting units SETS
Westernmost Aleutian ATTU
What a lover's heart may do RACE
White water RAPIDS
Without much flesh SKINNY
Word with anchor or dead DROP
You can skip it ROPE
___ nous ENTRE