The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 24,908 - Jan 15 2010

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Clues Answers
A measure of fine vodka served up for baker OVEN
Annoying American warrior concealed ingredient vital for chips ABRASIVE
Baker's dozen + 5 = 10-2 EIGHTEEN
Born craving mint? Not quite! NEWISH
Bubbly galore is found in women's quarters SERAGLIO
Cardinal downing half of Australian beer TWENTY
Carp and game GROUSE
Cooked meat and veg in stock in Sligo? IRISHSTEW
Culinary instructions from Dr John? COOKBOOK
Dismissed waiters carry these, content to await posting OUTTRAYS
Failing to start to get rid of hunger ITCH
Invert bowl over bananas NUTS
Island producing coconuts, nitrogen and a couple of metals NAURU
Johnny may, perhaps, find source of milky liquid RUBBERTREE
Clues Answers
Make messy hummus salad sandwich MUSS
Miso soup contains one calorie and is an art! MOSAIC
More than compensate for inaccurate scales? OUTBALANCE
Not feeling pain in part of alimentary canal that is gas-generated ANALGESIA
Old Mediterranean geezer knocked back chopped onion stuffing MINOAN
Order a course SEQUENCE
Roar my gonads off, being a chef GORDONRAMSAY
Support conservation of kingfish BREAM
Sweet, hot sauce cools me, surprisingly CHOCOLATEMOUSSE
Type of pastry crust regularly used to save time SHORTCUT
Unusual, unnatural craving for food in Italy leaving one puzzled ATYPICAL
Vegetable often eaten raw, so it must be chopped in haste CELERY
What the Roux brothers brought to the table? FRENCHPOLISH