The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 24,546 - Nov 14 2008

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Clues Answers
'What Shakespeare bequeathed is brought back by Lawrence.' Discuss DEBATE
22 requiring action TODO
Accommodation of one housed by member of society? Orlando has no right to be put up MAISONETTES
Artist getting vase to stand up first RAEBURN
As a director embarked? ONBOARD
Discover limits of Utopian world UNEARTH
Faithfull (sic) or false, Armenian queen following French husband? MARIANNE
Fellow with double first expunged from book MANUAL
Held by island state, I abandon crime INIQUITY
Here visitors may check in for a social occasion RECEPTION
I am so tired, working weekly RADIOTIMES
Inform a champion in conversation APPRISE
Irish patriot showing old trick to little girl OCONNELL
Kinky adroit minx - she may have the whip hand DOMINATRIX
Clues Answers
Money given to fool for fur SILVERFOX
Move jug STIR
Old man turning up once more with money in the country PAPUANEWGUINEA
Playing in the Proms - one aim for two performers? PANTOMIMEHORSE
Redundant indicators on front of stereo NEEDLESS
Revolutionary food introduced by Blumenthal, say? CHEF
Runner has to prepare for examination CRAM
Sarkozy's small - no one offered up a prayer PETITION
Shy man trained birds MYNAHS
Singer's sound note TENNER
Slight reduction for this month and last month? INSULT
Soldiers play around, entertaining second-incommand TROOPS
Sums for cover point after umpire put out Middlesex opener PREMIUMS
Track event with champion getting fit in arena RACEMEETING