Universal - Sep 24 2004

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Clues Answers
"Don't you wish!" DREAMON
"I Know Why the ___ Bird Sings" CAGED
"Red" Viking ERIC
Alphabetical run CDE
Anti-fray border HEM
Author Morrison TONI
Bedouin, for one ARAB
Bequeaths WILLS
Birthed HAD
Carangid food fish SCAD
Clothing retailer since 1969 THEGAP
Cold cause GERM
Commencement ONSET
Computer operator USER
Connecting wd. CONJ
Cote d'Azur menu CARTE
Crossed one's fingers HOPED
Detected SEEN
Dilapidated cars HEAPS
Drive-in feature SCREEN
Drop in the bucket TAD
E pluribus ___ UNUM
Event of 20-Across POLEVAULT
Event of 20-Across SHOTPUT
Event of 20-Across HURDLES
Event of 20-Across JAVELIN
Fashionable Cassini OLEG
Filthy stuff? LUCRE
First 007 film DRNO
Galileo's home PISA
God of the Koran ALLAH
H. Rider Haggard novel SHE
He resigned August 9, 1974 NIXON
Hole in your head? PORE
Homes for some busy workers HIVES
Houston pro ASTRO
Ice cream brand (with "Dazs") HAAGEN
If not ELSE
Ill-defined area GRAY
Invited a perjury charge LIED
Clues Answers
It once meant once ERST
It should be airtight ALIBI
Jiggs' daughter NORA
Kind of fit HISSY
Lake resort TAHOE
Laundry cycle WASH
Like the spelling of oyster-abstaining months RLESS
Loses control SNAPS
Monster's loch NESS
Name of three baseball brothers ALOU
One to brood HEN
Oscar host, e.g. EMCEE
Outburst of laughter GALE
Pac-10 team UCLA
Parachute LEAP
Parting word ADIOS
PC key ALT
Perfect scores TENS
Pitch-related TONAL
Psych suffix OSIS
Range whistler KETTLE
Result of cogitating IDEA
Rickey ingredient GIN
Ruin a birdie PAR
See 10-Across JUMP
Shell, strip or Swiss, e.g. STEAK
Skewed ATILT
Some groups of thirteen COVENS
Somme school ECOLE
Start JOLT
Strikeout pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Tricia Nixon's married name COX
Two-day Olympic contest DECATHLON
Verse prefix UNI
Westminster gallery TATE
Where heroes come into existence? DELI
With 63-Across, event of 20-Across LONG
Wolflike LUPINE
Words with hole or two INONE