L.A. Times Daily - Apr 24 2012

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Clues Answers
"24" superagent Jack BAUER
"Get out of my sight" GONOW
"Sure, let's do lunch" IMFREE
"You're on!" DEAL
+ molecule, e.g ION
1-Across quickie NIP
5-time A.L. batting champ Wade BOGGS
Actress Rowlands et al GENAS
All the tea in China? CHA
Ambulance wail SIREN
Animal's gullet MAW
Año beginning ENERO
Bandleader Kay KYSER
Bathrobe designation HIS
Best-selling touchscreen device IPHONE
Big name in oil MOBIL
Blubber WEEP
Bookstore sect BIOG
Bowling score sheet division FRAME
Buckeye's home OHIO
Carnival setting RIO
Cheaply made CHINTZY
Co. that makes stuff MFR
Come by honestly EARN
Come to terms AGREE
Committee type ADHOC
Connection NEXUS
Cygnus supergiant DENEB
Desert plants CACTI
Diamond surface FACET
Did in, as a dragon SLEW
Elusive evolutionary connection, or the elusive feature of the ends of 18-Across and 3- and 28-Down MISSINGLINK
Everest expert SHERPA
Explore caves SPELUNK
Fa-la link SOL
Field for 19- or 40-Down ART
Florida Keys, e.g ISLANDCHAIN
Fort __, Indiana WAYNE
Give the heave-ho AXE
Clues Answers
Gumbo veggie OKRA
Highland waters LOCHS
Holy Trinity member SON
Injury-prone area for pitchers ROTATORCUFF
Just short SHY
Kidney-related RENAL
Krispy __: doughnut chain KREME
Lamp dwellers GENII
Master LEARN
Meat ingredient in many stuffing recipes PORKSAUSAGE
Middle-earth menaces ORCS
Mont. neighbor IDA
Musical triad CHORD
NBA's Magic, on scoreboards ORL
New Orleans-to-Miami dir ESE
New staffer HIREE
One who can do a perfect Vulcan salute TREKKIE
One-eyed monster CYCLOPS
Pasta suffix INI
Pilfer SWIPE
Place to stand around with a round BAR
Popular email provider YAHOO
Seeping OOZING
Self-image EGO
Shout "Hallelujah!" REJOICE
Sigh of pleasure AAH
Slip-up on the set BLOOPER
Something to chew GUM
Spanish muralist José María SERT
Surrealist Salvador DALI
Tackle Tolstoy, say READ
The Beatles' last studio album LETITBE
The one in a one-two, usually LEFTJAB
Tissue box word PLY
Top Olympic medals, in Barcelona OROS
Tyrolean refrain YODEL
What really matters BEALL
Words before "time" or "the line" ENDOF
You, to Yves TOI