New York Times - Aug 1 2004

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Clues Answers
'Bingo!' AHA
'I told you so!' SEE
'Soul Food' actress, 1997 NIALONG
'The Fog of War' director Morris ERROL
'You've gotta be kidding!' AWCMON
... and later lost the election in key ___ BATTLEGROUNDSTATES
14 years before the Magna Carta MCCI
180's UTURNS
1990's Indian P.M. RAO
A black key GFLAT
A small dose: Abbr. TSP
Actress Carrere TIA
Addams Family cousin ITT
Adjective with chance or fortune BONNE
Archaeological enterprise DIG
Army of the Potomac commander, 1863-65 MEADE
As loud as possible, in music FFF
Astin of 'Lord of the Rings' SEAN
At the convention the candidate ___ ... WAGEDAFLOORFIGHT
Avis adjective RARA
Bad business partner CROOK
Bad reception STATIC
Bad: Prefix CACO
Bana who played the Incredible Hulk in film ERIC
Bank contents DATA
Be-bopper CAT
Big overhead? SMASH
Big ox OAF
Bill: Fr. BEC
Block legally ESTOP
Blue matter PORN
Brecht collaborator WEILL
Broken down FACTORED
Brooks from Tulsa GARTH
Call on TAP
Certain security, briefly TNOTE
Commoner PLEB
Confusion MESS
Cy Young Award winner Mike Scott, for one ASTRO
Do little LAZE
Does a job for parents, maybe SITS
Drink from India PEKOETEA
Early times, for short AMS
Emporium suffix ERIA
Encouraging word TRY
Enthusiastic RAHRAH
Expensively decorated GILT
False flattery SMARM
First word of 'Wooly Bully' UNO
Flap ADO
Frigid finish AIRE
Funds ran low in the candidate's ___ CAMPAIGNWARCHEST
Get in shape TONEUP
Get rid of SCRAP
Greek house FRAT
Has an opinion FEELS
Having a line of symmetry AXIAL
High country NEPAL
In the box ATBAT
Indian tourist city AGRA
Influence, slangily JUICE
Informal assent YEH
Invent COIN
It may be political THEATER
It's hot in Cannes ETE
Clues Answers
It's watched in Ont. CBC
Japanese Beatle? ONO
Large, in commercial lingo MAXI
Leave home SETOFF
Legendary luster SATYR
Like a new dollar bill CRISP
Like some monuments NATIONAL
List ender ETAL
Looks up to ADMIRES
Lose on purpose THROW
Madrid daily ELMUNDO
Make a quick left, say JAB
Make over REDO
Medicine watchdog grp. FDA
Membranes SEPTA
More than 70% of its exports are fish: Abbr. ICEL
North of Virginia OLLIE
Old Dodge DART
One of the Fitzgeralds ZELDA
Opposite of dia NOCHE
P.O. piece LTR
Pampering places SPAS
Preceder of Alamos or Altos LOS
Prefix with state TRI
QB Manning ELI
Record exec Gotti IRV
Relative of a gull TERN
Repeated interjection in the Rolling Stones' 'Miss You' OOOH
Service charge FEE
Shade of green PEA
Shoddy goods SHLOCK
Shoebox letters EEE
Shop that fixes collision damage AUTOBODY
Short order, for short BLT
Show as an encore REAIR
Sinus specialist, briefly ENT
Slate and Salon EMAGS
Soft ball material NERF
Some coll. seniors take them LSATS
Some summer babies LEOS
Something flipped LID
Spanish saint MATEO
Spenser player on TV URICH
Spotted EYED
Square dance partner GAL
State with two time zones: Abbr. FLA
Stock market figs. AVGS
Subject of the documentary 'As I Was Saying' PAAR
Sullivan had a really big one SHEW
Teatro Costanzi debut of 1900 TOSCA
The candidate called reporters in for a ___ BOMBSHELLANNOUNCEMENT
The candidate tried to cover it up and was ___ ATTACKEDBYTHEPRESS
The candidate was accused of having a ___ CONFLICTOFINTEREST
The New Yorker cartoonist Edward SOREL
They're taken in court OATHS
Tiny fraction of time: Abbr. NSEC
Tool for melons BALLER
Tourist center's name EPCOT
Trump, e.g. BUILDER
Type widths EMS
Victory: Ger. SIEG
Word before 'were' ASIT
Words after duke or shout ITOUT
Wrapped up with INTO
Zeno's home ELEA
___ nova BOSSA