New York Times - May 30 2004

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Clues Answers
'Mi chiamano Mimi,' e.g. ARIA
'Peek-___!' ABOO
'Potpourri for 1,000, ___' ALEX
'Sense and Sensibility' director, 1995 ANGLEE
'Take ___!' THAT
'The Boondocks' cartoonist McGruder AARON
'Wassup?!' HIYA
'___-hoo!' YOO
1924 Olympics star Gertrude EDERLE
1970's sitcom ARNIE
55-Down donkey JENNY
A field may have one POLARITY
A pop PER
Abbr. on an envelope ATTN
Accelerated SPEDUP
Actor Morales ESAI
Added for free THREWIN
Advertising figure with a cane MRPEANUT
Annual May event, for short INDY
Base lines XAXES
Blasts with a ray gun ZAPS
Blemish MOLE
Carpenter, at times TENONER
Carrier to Kyoto, in brief JAL
Chalupa alternative TACO
Collectibles source EBAY
Conoco rival ESSO
Count in a full count TEN
Demonstrates SHOWSHOW
Doltish DENSE
Drove to hiding in the ground EARTHED
Ed who played Santa Claus in 'Elf' ASNER
Eero Saarinen's ___ Terminal at J.F.K. TWA
End of the quote CANTREAD
Endlessly ONANDON
Exciting time at 82-Across LASTLAP
Father's talk: Abbr. SER
Fix at the blacksmith's RESHOE
Fragrance used in perfumes MYRRH
Fund for a little fun PINMONEY
Furnish LEND
Get ___ (bronze) ATAN
Go extinct DIEOFF
Good name for a flight attendant? STU
Greek goddess of war ENYO
Half of a TV alien's send-off NANU
Heraldic border ORLE
Humor, with 'to' CATER
Impose (upon) FOIST
Inner: Prefix ENTO
Insect nests NIDI
Internet annoyances POPUPADS
It's just an idea THEORY
Keats, to Shelley ADONAIS
Kind of membrane MUCOUS
Kind of torch on 'Survivor' TIKI
Kindle SPARK
King of Scotland, 1567-1625 JAMESVI
Lab sights VIALS
Label on a certain advertising photo AFTER
Land measure HECTARE
Least ruddy PALEST
Leave in a hurry, with 'out' PEEL
Letters of success SRO
Letters on a cognac bottle VSOP
Liberal D.C. group ADA
Like some college volleyball COED
Like some traits GENETIC
Clues Answers
Like the best-looking teeth WHITEST
Line of clothing INSEAM
Line on a cash register receipt TAX
Make way? PAVE
Map lines: Abbr. RDS
Maple genus ACER
Martial arts expert NINJA
Monet oil 'Vétheuil en ___' ETE
More squirmy EELIER
Narrow strip SLAT
New version of a song, maybe REMIX
One with a handle CBER
Oranjestad's island ARUBA
Orders to plow horses GEES
Pares pounds SLIMS
Patterned fabric TOILE
Pell-mell RASH
Pigged out ATEATON
Place for a turret TANK
Pooh-pooh SNEERAT
Prepared without meat or milk PAREVE
Present opener? OMNI
Quarterback Manning ELI
Quote, part 2 JOURNALISM
Rake in EARN
Reading pen GAOL
Rip off ROOK
River through Toledo, Ohio MAUMEE
Rushed RANAT
Ruthless boss, perhaps AXER
Sayings of Jesus LOGIA
See 57-Down SHE
Showing evidence of fright ASHEN
Slobber SALIVA
Snitch RAT
Solidifies JELLS
Source of the quote FRANKZAPPA
Spanish bear OSO
Spanish highway ESTRADA
Stars and Stripes land, for short USOFA
Start of a quote by 102-Across MOSTROCK
Stretches AGES
Strike gently PUTT
Stroke in calligraphy SERIF
Sweet 16 org. NCAA
Szczecin's river ODER
Tex's friend PARD
The cloth CLERGY
Theseus' land ATTICA
To be, in Toledo ESTAR
Toll road PIKE
Upwardly mobile type PARVENU
Waited patiently SATTIGHT
Where troops camp after a day's march ETAPE
Whiskey ___ AGOGO
Whistler's whistle TUNE
Woodcutter in folklore ALIBABA
World Cup cry OLE
___ breve ALLA
___ Noël PERE
___ Rebellion of 1857-59 SEPOY
___ whim ONA