The Washington Post - Feb 19 2012

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Clues Answers
'Children of a Lesser God' actress Matlin MARLEE
Actress who played Martha of Bethany in 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' INABALIN
Ames inst ISU
Anticipation FORETASTE
Arrange for some financing FLOATALOAN
Awaiting payment RECEIVABLE
Basilica of St. Severin city KOLN
Bedroom piece ARMOIRE
Brake system components DISCS
Burger King combo VALUEMEAL
Butter serving PAT
By word of mouth VIVAVOCE
Chive relative LEEK
Crater Lake locale CALDERA
Dean & ___ DELUCA
Destructive evaluation CRASHTEST
Drive insert CDROM
Dropped SANK
Ethan Frome's wife ZEENA
Fender Stratocaster wood ALDER
Fiver ABE
French department that has twice lost territory to Rhône ISERE
Gadget, e.g.: Abbr INSP
GI rank PFC
Grand duke's father CZAR
Hippie gathering BEIN
Holiday get-together OFFICEPARTY
Intertwines ENLACES
Jambalaya OLIO
Jazzman Sims ZOOT
Jedi foes SITH
Clues Answers
John of the Velvet Underground CALE
Kid's racer KART
Levi's jeans brand REDTAB
Low tie ONEALL
Magnetic alloy ALNICO
Message you don't want to see when restoring a backup IOERROR
New York City suburb in New Jersey's Bergen County TEANECK
No. 2 VEEP
Noodle dish LOMEIN
Nuit lead-in SOIR
Nutrition amts RDAS
Online help, briefly FAQS
Pamphlet's contents, perhaps TREATISE
Particle board bonder RESIN
Ratings name NIELSEN
Safety gear NETS
Scandinavian bays FJORDS
Seasonal malady FLU
Shingle abbr ESTAB
Situation of peril PRECIPICE
Sneaker brand popular among skateboarders VANS
Some foreigners' study: Abbr ESL
Some Gulf Staters OMANIS
Spanish for 'watchman' VIGILANTE
Star of 'The Crying Game' REA
Subdue QUELL
The New York Inquirer was featured in it CITIZENKANE
Thoroughfare without much traffic BYSTREET
Tulsa suburb OWASSO
Turkey wattle JOWL
When Janucá sometimes ends ENERO