New York Times - Jan 29 2012

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Clues Answers
'Barbarella' extras, for short ETS
'How ya doin', bro?' SUP
'Puss in Boots' villain OGRE
'Ready!' follower AIM
'Star Trek II' villain KHAN
'Ta-ta!' IMOFF
'The Simpsons' character with platform shoes DISCOSTU
'Tsk! Tsk!' BAD
'What chutzpah!' INEVER
'___ Got a Brand New Bag' (1965 James Brown hit) PAPAS
Advertising department at a TV station? EMARKETING
Appear on the scene EMERGE
Await decision PEND
Baseball family surname ALOU
Beach umbrella, e.g SHADER
Beginning of some temple names BNAI
Bowl call RAH
Canine protector TOOTHPASTE
Carnal craving LUST
Classic toy company whose name is its founder's middle name LIONEL
Clerics' homes MANSES
Cockamamie LOONY
Continental prefix TRANS
Cookie holders JARS
Country singer David Allan ___, writer of 'Take This Job and Shove It' COE
Court recitation OATH
Cowboys' home, familiarly BIGD
Crate HEAP
Dairy brand BORDEN
Didn't wait until Christmas, say PEEKED
Do a certain dish duty RINSE
Drink served with Brezeln BIER
Early computer UNIVAC
Enrollment at a TV station? LIFETIMEMEMBERSHIP
Entranced HEXED
European freshwater fish BREAM
Expert at a TV station? HISTORYBUFF
Fancy footwear at a TV station? SPIKEHEELS
Fish holder at a TV station? OXYGENTANK
Fishing gear REELS
Gen ___ XER
George nicknamed Mr. Basketball MIKAN
Get foggy MISTUP
Give lessons EDIFY
Goddess associated with witchcraft HECATE
Gold rush town of 1899 NOME
Graceful horse ARAB
Gravy holder BOAT
Green-egg layers EMUS
Half of a title role for John Barrymore or Spencer Tracy MRHYDE
Hold fast ADHERE
Home of ancient Bethlehem JUDEA
Houston university RICE
How some stocks are bought ATPAR
Insanity MANIA
Instrument with a big bell BASSTUBA
It brings up many ticket holders CHAIRLIFT
It might be batted at a knockout LASH
It was dropped at Woodstock LSD
It's picked in the Pacific UKE
Joiner of a team YOKE
Lassie of Arg SRTA
Laughable INANE
Leucippus and Democritus, philosophically ATOMISTS
Lickety-split CHOPCHOP
Like some fortresses MOATED
Like some T-shirt designs IRONON
Clues Answers
Locale of St. Catherine's Monastery, said to be the world's oldest working monastery SINAI
Lose ground? ERODE
Marble, e.g ORB
Meadow call BAA
Meal with wine SEDER
Midpoints: Abbr CTRS
Miss at a hoedown GAL
Missouri relatives OTOE
Mythical figure blinded by Oenopion ORION
Narrow inlet RIA
Noted calendar makers MAYANS
Oil producer? PAINTBRUSH
Old block deliverers ICEMEN
One in Germany EINE
One of a group of 12, say PEER
One of a secretive trio LAMPPOST
One taking the gold? PIRATE
One-point score, of a sort LEANER
Opening word? SESAME
Opera part ACTE
Orange or olive TREE
Other, in Oviedo OTRA
Outdo TOP
Overflow ABOUND
Person making waves? ROWER
Place to live in Germany HAUS
Playful response to a good insult OHSNAP
Prefix with -plasm CYTO
Primo AONE
Product from Mars TWIX
Q&A at a TV station? IONEXCHANGE
Quick drink NIP
Recruiters at a TV station? FOXHUNTERS
River to Korea Bay YALU
Rugged transport, for short ATV
Ruthless corporate type RAIDER
S-shaped molding OGEE
Sahara feature SANDDUNE
Savvies GROKS
Shave PARE
Sheiks' garments ABAS
Shocked AGHAST
Shout in a strip EEK
Sidecars might go on it BARTAB
Skater Yamaguchi KRISTI
Slide show at a TV station? ENCOREPRESENTATION
Some Dadaist works ARPS
Sort (out) SIFT
Sources of many beads CORALS
SpongeBob, e.g TOON
Student involved in a prank, maybe SENIOR
Sugary quaffs ADES
Super ___ NES
Swivel on an axis SLUE
Tea merchant Sir Thomas LIPTON
Terrible AWFUL
Underworld leader DON
Utah's state animal ELK
Visited CAMEBY
Western loop NOOSE
World org. based in Lausanne, Switzerland IOC
You might rub a knife across it HONE
Zero, in slang BAGEL
___ a scratch NARY
___ decay BETA
___ Islam SUNNI
___ Levy, four-time Super Bowl coach for Buffalo MARV
___ place PEYTON