New York Times - May 1 2004

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Clues Answers
'Civil dissension is a viperous worm' speaker KINGHENRYVI
'Goin' Gone' singer Kathy MATTEA
'Shoot!' OHDARN
'This is ___' CNN
'Woe ___' (best-selling grammar guide) ISI
56-Across's land BURKINAFASO
60's mantra FREELOVE
Aesop's morals, e.g. ADAGES
Appearance after an eclipse EMERSION
Arrowhead feature BARB
Asian capital YEN
Bad thing to invoke IRE
Baseball Hall-of-Famer George and others BRETTS
Basement problem MILDEW
Basic language course LATINI
Bill's friend or foe? LOBBYIST
Biting TART
Boy/girl introduction ATTA
Breakfast order TWOEGGS
Capital of 17-Across OUAGADOUGOU
Cold side COLESLAW
Collectible frames CELS
Crush RUIN
Dairy product used in some cheese plants GRADEBMILK
Demeter's mother RHEA
Didn't go unfulfilled WASMET
E.T.O. carrier LST
Enjoying INTO
Fetching ones? GOFERS
Golfer Isao ___ AOKI
Growlers CURS
Hard to move LEADEN
It may get you out of a rut: Abbr. AAA
Clues Answers
It's been seen before REPEAT
It's sometimes wrapped in rice EEL
Kind of booster EGO
Knocker CRITIC
L'___-deux-guerres (French era) ENTRE
Letters of invitation BYOB
Level, in London RASE
Like many a dead letter MISSENT
Make ___ (earn big bucks) AWAD
Marching to a different drummer OFFBEAT
Mascot costume, maybe BEARSUIT
Memorial announcer OBIT
Mil. post in Fayetteville, N.C. POPEAFB
Not so hot BLAH
Not treat seriously, with 'at' SCOFF
Noted early 20th-century writer/reformer IDATARBELL
One might be verbal TIC
Other direction OPPOSITEWAY
Place holders MAPS
Pole length? TENFEET
Reach on a cruise SAILTO
Saxophonist nicknamed 'the Sound' GETZ
Seasoned lightly TINGED
Self starter? HER
Show fluster BEFAZED
Snapped LOSTIT
Statement issuer BANK
Stationer's stock INKS
Suddenly revealed to SPRUNGON
Tight (with) INGOOD
Touch TAD
Waiting to exhale? BLUE
Where sweaters are found? ATTHEGYM
___ mission ONA