New York Times - Nov 20 2011

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Clues Answers
#1's, e.g HITS
'Awake in the Dark' author EBERT
'Dear ___ Landers' ANN
'Details forthcoming': Abbr TBA
'I'd never have suspected!' GEE
'Independent Lens' network PBS
'My sources say no' source MAGICOBALL
'Yikes!' EEK
'___ questions?' ANY
'___ You Glad You're You?' ARENT
2011 International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee AGASSI
Actor Chaney LON
Alternately BYTURNS
Animal crackers animal CAMEL
Appraise ASSAY
Ardent adherents APOSTLES
Armored truck company BRINKS
Article's start, to a journalist LEDE
Aunt ___ ('Star Wars' character) BERU
Awards with a 'Best Fact Crime' category EDGARS
Besmirches SOILS
Blood type system ABO
Bob Marley's group, with 'the' WAILERS
Burned out DIED
Calculator symbol PLUS
Cardinals REDBIRDS
CBS's Moonves LES
Certain muscles ROTATORS
Chi Cygni, for one SSTAR
Chicago trains ELS
Color whose name is French for 'flea' PUCE
Come back from adjournment REMEET
Comedian Nora DUNN
Computer animation option ODGRAPHICS
Conversation stopper GAG
Correct EMEND
County northwest of San Francisco SONOMA
Desk chair features CASTERS
Dieter's unit: Abbr CAL
Dinner date request TABLEFORW
Electrical worker WIREMAN
Emperor Taejo united it KOREA
Fill-in TEMP
Fit to be called up ONEA
Former New York governor Cuomo MARIO
Front of a coin: Abbr OBV
Fruit-flavored soft drink CHERRYUUP
Furthermore TOO
Georgia Dome, e.g ARENA
Gourmet's treat DELICACY
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Gurus' titles SRIS
Hole in the head NOSTRIL
How to get this puzzle's final word PUTNINELETTERSINORDER
Ill-gotten gains SWAG
Incorporating USING
Intel interpreter, for short NSA
Is persistent at an auction REBIDS
Is quiet RESTS
It was first broken in 1954 DMINUTEMILE
Italian province or seaport BARI
Item to thrust EPEE
Jiffy SEC
Justice Fortas ABE
Kind of course GUT
King, for example WRITER
La Citta Eterna ROMA
Clues Answers
Lead-in to 1812 or attrition WAROF
Like some accents ACUTE
Like some moving estimates INHOME
Lincoln ___ (L.A. neighborhood) HTS
Make fit ADAPT
Men in the middle of the peerage EARLS
Monitor inits CRT
Morse bits DAHS
Most-quoted author in the O.E.D.: Abbr SHAK
Mountain in Deuteronomy HOREB
Not ethereal TANGIBLE
One step up from a four-cylinder VNENGINE
Oscar winner for 'Cocoon,' 1985 AMECHE
Oscar-nominated sci-fi film of 2009 DISTRICTC
Over-the-shoulder garment SERAPE
Paid, with 'up' PONIED
Politicians' supporters, sometimes PODIA
Prudential Center team NETS
Rank in kendo DAN
Rattlesnake, at times COILER
Rise up REBEL
Rock's ___ Fighters FOO
School hall feature LOCKER
Sci-fi series set in the 23rd century BABYLONT
Season Pass offerer TIVO
Seasonal saint NICHOLAS
Send away EXILE
Sends millions of unwanted messages, say SPAMS
Settee settings FOYERS
Short while BIT
Singer Marie TEENA
Singer Morissette ALANIS
Sitcom waitress FLO
Some harvesters DEERES
Some ninths INNINGS
Spanish bear OSO
Stat that may be 'adjusted' ERA
Strike down SMITE
Suffix with malt OSE
Swiss canton URI
Takes a bit off PARES
Teeing off IRING
The 'B' of B&N BARNES
The Great Commoner PITT
Thuggish sorts BRUTES
Traumatize SCAR
Trojan War figure PARIS
TV award discontinued in 1997 CABLEACE
Veep before Spiro HUBERT
Video file format MPEG
Vodka source POTATO
Wasn't lackadaisical TRIED
Watching without being watched SPYINGON
Way off EXIT
Will's ex-wife on 'Glee' TERRI
Within the grace period? PREMEAL
Word with note or case MENTAL
X-ray units RADS
Years, to Yves ANS
You can believe it TENET
You go by one in Québec NOM
Zithromax treats it PNEUMONIA
___ nous ENTRE
___ World Tour (sports circuit) ATP