Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 27 2011

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Clues Answers
12 x in. at length TENFOOT
50 = 10? LISTEN
A ballpoint won't have this point NIB
A smart enough hundred to get the prize CLEVER
Back there INTHEREAR
Be at a teetotal funeral ATTENDING
Begin again with the crafty remainder RESTART
Concentrated in a verbal manner INTENSE
For mule, a one that's fast RACINGCAR
Forget it has a tip, in a manner of speaking TONGUE
Get what I've got at last RECEIVE
Giving to finish Ireland in here RENDERING
How Mother and the men get in the star for a fight ARMAMENTS
Hurting where it's A1 INPAIN
I perhaps sound so much of an all-rounder ORB
It could be a top for a turnover PTO
Clues Answers
My spirited cane is without an end MYSTIC
No sacks on here - and nothing human, either NORMAN
One may hate the sound of one explosive in eight ABOMINATE
Saw this so it couldn't get away BEHELD
Sounds as if it's not for a cellar to do do this for a living LETAHOUSE
Sounds as if, Sarah, I have something on my 13 across SALIVA
Sounds like an old crock CROCODILE
Sounds like something of an old crock ALLIGATOR
Ted may hold one up on his own in Scotland DETAIN
That's got 21 across shut up PEN
The way one came across a brick carrier METHOD
There was a new ton for one SCIENTIST
There's about two of them to fix REPAIR
V. like this Irish one FIVETIMES
What a to-do this fan makes ADORER
Would you have anything fruity down the seashore? THESTRAND