Irish Times (Crosaire) - Sep 20 2011

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Clues Answers
A burden to see you in in the omnibus INCUBUS
A not bare ad. On the envelope ADDRESSED
A tree's festive after being lent EASTER
All for a rest, in short ETC
Allow it to be in the river or remove it DELETE
Always set crooked but right up EVEREST
Bill becomes vocal INVOICE
Can this be Frank as he acted? DID
E got four quarts of seawater around GALLEON
Have nothing to do with the paid writer PROSCRIBE
Having helped oneself excessively, passed out this way OVERTAKEN
How foolish to be so unconscious SENSELESS
Irish over summer Pa's some? FIVETIMES
Is about to do business in a perfect way IDEALS
Might the shellfish breed on the up and up CLAMBERED
Might they detect the hundred I had? CID
Clues Answers
Myself with the deer wandered around MEANDERED
Really in action INDEED
Said to be sweet to get seen about the happening SEVENTEEN
So might mice dally with the doctor MEDICALLY
Sounds as if it's all my eye what I'm thinking about EGOTISTIC
The break always comes in the broken canes SEVERANCE
The little bird shows how to empty it TOMTIT
There's a catch in it or a song in it LARIAT
There's no end of them MIDDLEMEN
There's nothing liquid in the gun's one BARREL
There's nothing so lasting as this END
They listen to the middle of the patriot PEARSE
They're force feeding MESSES
This sort of double vision has its ups and downs SEESAW
What to do in the morning, by the sound of it GRIEVE
While you press the bell at last DURING