Irish Times (Crosaire) - Apr 14 2011

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Clues Answers
'1 down (3,2)' GOTUP
'A present, for instance, is one that is tight (5)' TENSE
'As you were. Go on ahead, son (4)' STET
'At last, vessels draw them (8)' SKETCHES
'Be, in short, in most for those that are late (5)' TOMBS
'Go to 17 across (or to church) for them (3,7)' THELESSONS
'Goes beyond what comes out of what's sown, by the sound of it (7)' EXCEEDS
'Having paid the price, they rise and may have to pay the price (8)' SOLDIERS
'Legally, it's no go to make poets (5)' ESTOP
'Merechant vessels seem to end by doing naval work, by the sound of it (7)' TRADERS
'Nothing sent there, by the sound of it (9)' ODOURLESS
'Patient with oddity in the engine, but not all there (5,4)' CRANKCASE
'Perhaps the display that gets wound up in Dublin (6,4)' SPRINGSHOW
'See, said to be not as well (7)' DISEASE
'The deer is back round the female donkey, it seems (10)' REASSESSED
'Used to be sounding soft, but the sting is in the tail (4)' WASP
Clues Answers
'Well, it's not sounding in a sown sort of way (5)' SEEDY
All in gambles and all for show BALLETS
Blooming well 22 across ROSE
Dieting to a light extent IGNITED
How plants rise and 24 across do SHOOT
Is the child a girl? It's bound the come out ISSUE
Is this online? TRAIN
Looked as if I'd done this sound EYED
No amateur speed can get one any higher PROMOTION
One is all there COMPLETE
Stands in for the matter of gifts REPRESENTS
The cost of royalty around the North PRINCES
Weapon for the young or the ancients with missiles CATAPULT
What a shame to begin to sing one to oneself HUMILIATE
What one gets there is all very fishy SCHOOLS
Will get degrees shortly - what a blow! BASSOON