Universal - Mar 13 2004

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Clues Answers
"Cunning hunter" of the bible ESAU
"Get lost!" SCRAM
"I've found it!" EUREKA
"Joy of Cooking" writer Rombauer IRMA
"Picnic" playwright William INGE
"Tommy" band (with "The") WHO
"___ Doubtfire" MRS
"___ you serious?" ARE
1960 Ray Charles hit GEORGIAONMYMIND
1965 Beach Boys hit CALIFORNIAGIRLS
1967 Neil Diamond hit KENTUCKYWOMAN
Acorn, eventually OAK
Air pollution watchdog EPA
Alleviate EASE
Alphabet run STU
Angler's decoy LURE
Animated movie of 1998 ANTZ
Assembly of church officials SYNOD
Azov is one SEA
Baked potato alternative RICEPILAF
Bear in the sky URSA
Beats by a hair EDGESOUT
Beethoven's "Moonlight ___" SONATA
Before long SOON
Booker T. and the ___ MGS
Bowling alley head ONEPIN
Bump in the road SNAG
Camp Pendleton recruit MARINE
Capital of West Germany BONN
Certain punch JAB
Chart fillers DATA
Classified blurb WANTAD
Collectible flop EDSEL
Cornhusk-wrapped edible TAMALE
CSI identifier DNA
Cut and run FLEE
Danny of "White Christmas" KAYE
Day-care attendees TOTS
DEA agents NARCS
Deity GOD
Developed into BECAME
Diminishing sea ARAL
Disorderly disturbances RIOTS
Dockside flame fighter FIREBOAT
English horn part REED
Experts ACES
Fakes, at a hockey game DEKES
Family name of baseball ALOU
Ferko String Band tune ALABAMAJUBILEE
Fez, e.g. CAP
Fleming of fiction IAN
Football Hall-of-Famer Page ALAN
Free throw score ONE
German Ocean, now NORTHSEA
Go on a tirade RANT
Greek cheese FETA
Green ornamental stone JADE
Halloween hue ORANGE
Ham operator's letter TANGO
Handel piece, e.g. OPUS
Hodgepodge OLIO
Ill-tempered ORNERY
Impolite glance LEER
In addition TOBOOT
Inter ___ ALIA
Intuitive ability FEEL
Irish airline ___ Lingus AER
Iron man Ripken CAL
Israeli airline ELAL
J.F.K. predecessor DDE
James Bond creator Fleming IAN
Jeweler Lalique RENE
Kenmore competitor AMANA
Keyboard symbol ARROW
Kind of bolt TOGGLE
Clues Answers
King Arthur's final resting place AVALON
Lady of La Mancha SENORA
Latin American music SALSA
Leather strip THONG
Like some tickets ROUNDTRIP
Maui music maker, briefly UKE
May honoree MOM
Mexican peninsula: ___ California BAJA
Middle East notable EMIR
Middle of summer? EMS
Miner's pursuit LODE
Moby Dick pursuer AHAB
Monarch capturer NET
Move aimlessly GAD
Moves abruptly DARTS
Name names RATON
Neo portrayer in "The Matrix" KEANU
Network of "The Sopranos" HBO
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Not as tough EASIER
Observed EYED
On-board shout AHOY
One of the Three Stooges MOE
Opera offering ARIA
Org. founded in 1920 ACLU
Overwhelm AWE
Oxidizes RUSTS
Part of a pound? STRAYDOG
Pendant feature JEWEL
Played over RERAN
Playwright Oscar WILDE
Preacher's post ALTAR
Prepared for action ALERT
Rejected, as a lover JILTED
Resisting chemical change STABLE
Response to a knock ENTER
Rich soil LOAM
Romantic time of day, to many SUNSET
Rubbed the wrong way RILED
Santiago's country CHILE
Scorching TORRID
Sharpen, as a blade WHET
Some lounge combos TRIOS
Soul mate? HEART
South Pacific tourist site SAMOA
Strongbox SAFE
Stuff in a trunk? WOOD
Style of furnishing DECOR
Sudden terror FRIGHT
Sun. deliverance SER
Supports (with "up") SHORES
Symbol of goodness HALO
Take after FAVOR
Target for Peyton Manning END
Tear companion WEAR
Tediously protracted LONG
Teetotaler's order SODA
Temporary calm LULL
The Wizard of Menlo Park EDISON
Three monkeys' subject EVIL
Tickled pink GLAD
Tolerate STAND
Took a darning needle to MENDED
Tooth part ROOT
Turkish leader EMIR
Type of duck LAME
USN officer ENS
Wacko KOOK
Way back when ONCE
Witch features WARTS
Word of praise BRAVO
Word with bar or area CODE
X-ray unit RAD
Youth org. BSA
Yummy GOOD
___-mo SLO