Irish Times (Simplex) - Feb 8 2001

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Clues Answers
12th century lover and wife of Abelard HELOISE
A gentleman's gentleman VALET
A lump of blood CLOT
A stand-in doctor LOCUM
Absorb, captivate ENGROSS
American state, capital Salt Lake City UTAH
Bets or pointed sticks STAKES
Building for exhibition of historical objects MUSEUM
Camelot's king ARTHUR
Clobber for shoemaker COBBLER
Common bottle stopper CORK
Competent, can do ABLE
Confident sort of ruse SURE
Decayed, putrid ROTTEN
Deceive in vulpine way FOX
Done to a knob NODE
Enfold in arms, hug EMBRACE
For the time being - in Latin PROTEM
Informal palindromic mother MUM
Jesus raised him from the dead LAZARUS
Live together, married or not COHABIT
Clues Answers
Long upholstered seat with back SETTEE
Metal discs given as awards MEDALS
Mixed language used by Jews of central and eastern Europe YIDDISH
Mona ...., painted by Leonardo da Vinci LISA
Mystical, involving the supernatural OCCULT
Nine sister goddesses presiding over the arts MUSES
Paris underground rail system METRO
Periodic count by statisticians CENSUS
Person with refined tastes in food EPICURE
Secret service agency of USA CIA
Slangy old car or sausage BANGER
Steal in small quantities PILFER
Summon back or remember RECALL
Tail of rabbit or deer SCUT
Television ratings system TAM
The ...... Tapestry depicts the Norman Conquest BAYEUX
The records of an institution ARCHIVE
Thick mucus in throat PHLEGM
William Golding novel ` `.... .. the Flies' ' LORDOF
` `Curiosity killed ... ...' ' THECAT
` `Out .. ....., out of mind' ' OFSIGHT