New York Times - Nov 23 2003

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Clues Answers
'Ben-Hur' studio MGM
'Is that ___?' ALL
'That's ___!' (cry at a lineup) HIM
'The A-Team' actor MRT
'To sum up ...' INSHORT
'Your attention, please' PSSST
'___ Liaisons Dangereuses' LES
'___ luck!' LOTSA
'___ Majesty's Secret Service' ONHER
'___ Sam' (2001 Penn-Pfeiffer flick) IAM
'___War,' Shatner series title TEK
10th-century annum CMVI
1997 #1 Hanson hit MMMBOP
A Bobbsey twin NAN
A second shift, possibly OVERTIME
A.M.A. members: Abbr. DRS
Action taken by an irate pope? MASSEXCOMMUNICATION
Ancient land south of the Dead Sea EDOM
Apiece PER
Author of 'Christ Stopped at Eboli' LEVI
Ballet performer DANSEUR
Basic assumption AXIOM
Basic Toyota COROLLA
Best in the dining room OUTEAT
Big name in electronics MOTOROLA
Big shot MOGUL
Blue hue AQUA
Bluegrass musician Ricky SKAGGS
Born NEE
Broaching of a subject? FIRSTEXPRESSING
Broken mirror, say OMEN
Building block, informally AMINO
Bygone dictator AMIN
Casual eatery BISTRO
Certain Baltic LETT
Chest muscle, for short PEC
Clothed DECENT
Colleague of Jonathan Higgins, in 80's TV MAGNUMPI
Concerto, e.g. OPUS
Corrida sight ELTORO
Currency transaction fee AGIO
Darn, e.g. SEW
Diamond on stage NEIL
Dinner in a bowl ALPO
Dregs LEES
Early winter fruit SNOWAPPLE
Economy-size GIANT
Extremist ULTRA
Exultant cry IWON
Faddish training, once EST
Fair that's losing money? UNTENABLEEXPOSITION
Finger, in a way NAME
Fire truck equipment AXE
Fish in a Disney film NEMO
Floor material MARBLE
Football play REVERSE
Foreword: Abbr. PREF
French possessive ATOI
Fund-raising letter APPEAL
Future J.D.'s hurdle LSAT
Geezer COOT
Give the once-over EYE
Give ___ for ...!' (intro phrase) ITUP
Going from the desert to the rain forest? CLIMATEEXCHANGE
Gulf of ___ SUEZ
Head of Parliament? LOO
Heart CRUX
Clues Answers
Homeowner's concern: Abbr. MTGE
Jabber PRATE
Jamaican music SKA
Judicial inquiry ASSIZE
Kool-Aid choice ORANGE
Last word of 'America, the Beautiful' SEA
Lerner's partner LOEWE
Like jeans for teens LOWRISE
Like some polluters SUED
Lilt syllable TRA
Look displeased SCOWL
Mack ___, who created the Keystone Kops SENNETT
Many a Marx Brothers movie ROMP
Matter to be discussed ITEM
Military meal MESS
Milk carton abbr. EXP
Mission control grp. NASA
Monopoly square: Abbr. UTIL
Moon vehicle, briefly LEM
Most of them have lines ROLES
Neutral-colored: Var. GREY
Nigerian-born pop star SADE
Not hither YON
Noted Bolshevik TROTSKY
NPR's Totenberg NINA
Paying the license fee? PATENTEXPENDING
Popular shirts POLOS
Population figure? CENSUSEXTRACT
Prefix with angular EQUI
Prefix with bel DECI
Pres. from Hyde Park FDR
Relative of Thai LAO
Remove from a set level, as a currency UNPEG
Responsibilities, so to speak HATS
Resulted in LEDTO
Retired faculty EMERITI
Robin Williams TV character MORK
Ruby, for one DEE
Salt TAR
Sense FEEL
Soccer announcer's cry GOAL
Solitary ONE
Sore spot ULCER
Square footage? SHELTEREXTENT
Starchy food TAPIOCA
Sticking point CRAW
Stole material MINK
Suffix with techno- CRAT
Summer on the Seine ETE
Swimming laps, e.g.: Abbr. EXER
Tailor's measure WAIST
They're for people without cells PAYPHONES
Trample TREAD
U.N. agcy. for working people ILO
Unsolved cases, in TV lingo XFILES
Valhalla resident IMMORTAL
West in pictures MAE
Wishful thinking? UTOPIANISM
Wranglers alternative LEE
Wrangling ATIT
[Just like that!] BANG
___ Detective (1930's-50's crime fiction magazine) GMEN
___ Stone ROSETTA
___-80 (old computer model) TRS
___-en-Provence AIX