USA Today - Mar 3 2005

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Clues Answers
''Another Green World'' composer ENO
''Love ___ you need'' (Beatles lyric) ISALL
'60s TV kid OPIE
A drinker may run one TAB
Actress Sommer ELKE
Adjective for a Billboard wonder ONEHIT
All through OVER
Anecdote collections ANAS
Annie, to Warbucks WARD
Antedate FOREGO
Apple product IPOD
Bardot's first husband VADIM
Basketball Hall of Famer Bob PETTIT
Bearded flower IRIS
Bring down the house? RAZE
Brooke's ex ANDRE
Carnival city RIO
Cartesian conclusion IAM
Coach Lombardi VINCE
Comes to TOTALS
Conks on the head BOPS
Controversial blowups ATESTS
Conversant with UPON
Couric of ''Today'' KATIE
Creator of Jeffy, Dolly and Barfy BIL
D.D.E.'s command ETO
Dedicated lines ODE
Doesn't lack HAS
Done in, as a dragon SLAIN
Elocution class no-nos ERS
End of the observation ATEMPORARYTAX
Enjoys an elegant meal DINES
Fashion's ___-Picone EVAN
Former French coins SOUS
French romance AMOUR
Friendly relations AMITY
Gem mineral BERYL
It might die hard OLDHABIT
It was purchased in 1867 ALASKA
Clues Answers
It's like ''-like'' ISH
Ivan the Terrible, for one TSAR
Jean de Brunhoff's beloved character BABAR
Krueger's street ELM
La Brea gunk TAR
Latin lover's declaration AMO
Mannerly Emily POST
Misrepresent COLOR
Monopoly purchase HOTEL
Name on a famous B-29 ENOLA
Neared empty RANLOW
Newsman Roger MUDD
One who apprehends KNOWER
Otherwise IFNOT
Part one of an observation on levies THERESNOTHING
Part two of the observation SOPERMANENTAS
Patriots' org. NFL
Pencil topper ERASER
Poker declaration IMIN
Popular author's ID ANON
Remote location? SOFA
Renowned London gallery TATE
Road imperfection BUMP
Sanction in a Trevanian thriller EIGER
Scottish engineer with a unit named after him WATT
Scrooge-like comment BAH
Shah Pahlavi REZA
Shea player, for short NYMET
Social misfit NERD
South Carolina river SANTEE
Soy-based Japanese soup MISO
Stick up at sea? MAST
The line before yours, e.g. CUE
Three, somewhere in the world TRES
Trumpeter Herb ALPERT
Unwelcome NONGRATA
What an air ball doesn't touch RIM
WJM broadcaster Ted BAXTER
Year in Edward the Elder's reign CMI