Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 19 2006

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Clues Answers
About to happen IMMINENT
Above, beyond, super- ULTRA
Any system of beliefs ISM
Approximately, about CIRCA
Bungalow with a vertical window in a sloping roof DORMER
Calls to court to answer an indictment ARRAIGNS
Chinese dish, includes dumplings DIMSUM
Composition of a series of various musical pieces MEDLEY
Cuban dance RUMBA
Curved oriental sabre SCIMITAR
Defence of being somewhere else at the time of a crime ALIBI
Disqualify DISBAR
Extinguish, wipe out ERADICATE
Fish-eggs ROE
Furtive, surreptitious STEALTHY
Give one's view OPINE
Hindu tradition of a widow dying on her husband's funeral pyre SUTTEE
Largest city of Quebec MONTREAL
Clues Answers
Lustrous structure inside an oyster-shell PEARL
Members of the military SOLDIERS
Military gesture SALUTE
Mimicking APING
Not bright DIM
Not divided or shared with others EXCLUSIVE
Not well ILL
Piece of protective armour SHIELD
Radioactive metallic element RADIUM
Send off, ship DESPATCH
Sharp pointed implement NEEDLE
Small farm in Scotland CROFT
Soundless SILENT
Spontaneously, off the cuff IMPROMPTU
The science of light OPTICS
Trifling object, bauble GEEGAW
Virtuoso, consummate MASTERLY