New York Times - Oct 26 2003

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Clues Answers
'Alas!' AHME
'Il convivio' writer DANTE
'Now ___ it!' IGET
'Zip-___-Doo-Dah' ADEE
'___ Girls' (1957 musical) LES
1967 war locale SINAI
A.T.M. selection: Abbr. AMT
Ab machines, e.g. TONERS
Actress Scacchi GRETA
Alfred who coined the phrase 'inferiority complex' ADLER
Apostrophized preposition OER
Basic faith THEISM
Battler of Big Tobacco: Abbr. AMA
Before cars, were there ...? HORSEALARMS
Before computers, were there ...? TYPEWRITERHACKERS
Before jets, was there ...? STEAMLOCOMOTIVELAG
Before movies, were there ...? DRIVEINPLAYS
Before phones, was there ...? TELEGRAMTAG
Before trucks, were there ...? COVEREDWAGONSTOPS
Before TV, were there ...? FROZENRADIODINNERS
Before watches, were there ...? STOPSUNDIALS
Big bores, slangily SNORES
Boom sites MASTS
Brought on PROVOKED
Called strikes, say UMPED
Certain ├ęcole LYCEE
Chasers POSSE
Chicago-based monthly since 1945 EBONY
City between Richfield and Minnetonka EDINA
Colosseum wear TOGAS
Comics family name OYL
Common folk PLEBS
Cooking personality EMERIL
Copper CENT
Corrodes RUSTS
Country music network, once TNN
Curse BANE
D.D.E.'s purview ETO
Daytime TV staple OPRAH
Delirious GIDDY
Depend (on) LEAN
Document used in coll. admissions GED
Fast clip on the road EIGHTY
Father's talk: Abbr. SER
Fay famous for a scream WRAY
Figaro and others BARITONES
First name in 1950's Broadway YUL
Food for many zoo animals REDMEAT
Fort Worth sch. TCU
Gives the boot CANS
Globule DROP
God with raven messengers ODIN
Grammatical classifications GENDERS
Grand slam, e.g. SWEEP
Guinness et al. ALECS
Highly ionized gas PLASMA
Hitting the spot SATING
Home of FedEx MEMPHIS
Home to some 4-Across INDIANA
Hot breakfast OATMEAL
Hurray, in Hidalgo VIVA
Iffy response MAYBE
Imminent LOOMING
Instant SEC
Invader of Gaul ATTILA
Israel's southern triangle NEGEV
It can hold many cups URN
It gets ground up HOE
It spans Minn. to N.Y. ONT
It's scaled MAP
John Wayne film, with 'The' ALAMO
Kind of mitt OVEN
Kind of rating NIELSEN
Land that's mostly sand EGYPT
Lap dog, for short PEKE
Late bloomer ASTER
Late spring forecast MILD
Clues Answers
Laudatory lines ODE
Lifting THEFT
Like 'enow' or 'erst' ARCHAIC
Like invitees ASKED
Like some verbs: Abbr. INTR
Long Island county NASSAU
LP player PHONO
Mantel sight VASE
Midrange voice ALTO
Millennium Falcon pilot ___ Solo HAN
More palatable TASTIER
Most pleasant NICEST
Natural do AFRO
Negotiator with G.M. UAW
North side UNION
Not a std. listing VAR
Not just a rarity ONER
Observatory sighting NEBULA
Old Chinese money TAEL
Old-time ruler CZAR
One kidnapping negotiator RANSOMER
One with short limbs BONSAI
Onetime Marshall Isl. event ATEST
Opening INTRO
Pauses RESTS
Pen with oink? STY
Pioneer carrier STAGE
Plain folk AMISH
Plunge in STAB
Poetic gloamings EENS
Pop singer Manfred ___ MANN
Port of ancient Rome OSTIA
Powerful car engine, informally HEMI
Prefix with -pod OCTO
Proofers' catches TYPOS
Really love EATUP
Recorded proceedings ACTA
Relative of -esque ISH
Revolutionary's cry FREEDOM
Ritardando, musically SLOWER
Rtes. HWYS
Run through REHEARSE
S.C. Johnson brand SARAN
Salad ingredient ROMAINE
Schedule SLOT
Sci-fi's Doctor ___ WHO
Seed cover ARIL
Sheepdog activity HERDING
Snapper's line? SAYCHEESE
Snitch RAT
Some fraternity men NUS
Some linemen: Abbr. RTS
Some volleyball shots SETS
Something that's hatched PLAN
Sound from an exam cheater PSST
Stabilized STEADIED
Start of a refrain TRALA
Stationery name EATON
Stepped TROD
Stock market abbr. OTC
Subject in Revelation SATAN
Swing's path ARC
Take out of the game BENCH
The Mustangs of the N.C.A.A. SMU
Use a surgical beam LASE
Vagabond ROAMER
Verdi's '___ tu' ERI
View from the Bay of Naples CAPRI
W.W. II guns STENS
Was inactive SAT
Wee, in one spelling TEENIE
Weighed down LADEN
Where there's a whole lot of shaking going on EPICENTER
Wide collars ETONS
With it SHARP
Word about someone REP
___ Dhabi ABU
___ disadvantage ATA
___ Fey of 'S.N.L.' TINA
___ Senate Office Building HART