USA Today - Aug 1 2003

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Clues Answers
"Little Red Book" author MAO
"Tiny" Archibald NATE
''. . . how I wonder what you ___'' ARE
''A Midsummer Night's Dream'' king OBERON
''Bali ___'' HAI
''Educated insolence,'' to Aristotle WIT
''Finding Nemo'' for one BIGHIT
''Get your hands off me!'' HEY
''Give ___ rest'' ITA
''I ___ lineman for the county'' AMA
''Not so fast!'' WHOA
''Quiet!'' SHH
''Scarface'' star Paul MUNI
''The Black Dahlia'' director DEPALMA
''Xanadu'' band ELO
''___ Little Prayer'' (Warwick hit) ISAYA
''___ Only Just Begun'' WEVE
''___ sure you know by now . . .'' ASIM
100 square meters ARE
49ers great Joe MONTANA
Actor stating his name? IOWARRENBEATTY
Actress Liv of ''Cries and Whispers'' ULLMANN
Actress stating her name? FLORIDALEEVANS
African antelopes ELANDS
Agenda unit ITEM
Alaskan national park DENALI
Allow to escape, as blood LET
Amalgamated FUSED
Anthem contraction OER
Army address SIR
Army's mule, e.g. MASCOT
Artist O'Keefe GEORGIA
Ashcroft and Reno (Abbr.) AGS
Atlantic flier ERNE
Attention getter SIREN
Aviation prefix AERO
Bank application stamp DENIED
Bearing in mind AWARE
Belushi outfit, once TOGA
Biscotti flavor ANISE
Blog alternative DIARY
Blows it ERRS
Body of a speech TEXT
Boston Bruin Bobby ORR
Bring to a new level RAISE
By means of VIA
Calc. prerequisite ALG
Cameo stone ONYX
Cart used for heavy loads DRAY
Carte starter ALA
Cartoon character stating his name? IDAHOMERSIMPSON
Cause to exist MAKE
CBS drama CSI
Certain high-level deg. EDD
Certain noble domains EARLDOMS
Chancel entrance display, sometimes ROOD
Check grabber's words ONME
Cheek-hugging ringlet SPITCURL
City in central China SIAN
Coin's front side OBVERSE
Collect, big time RAKEIN
Collection of old Norse poems EDDA
Colonist Dare VIRGINIA
Colorado (with ''state'') CENTENNIAL
Colt carrier MARE
Completely exhausted ALLIN
Conclusion preceder ERGO
Containing NaCl SALINE
Contents of some barrels SHOT
Crude container OILER
Cuss out SWEARAT
Dashed TORE
Defeatist's declaration ITSNOUSE
Demanding BOSSY
Derby's Downs EPSOM
Disentangle, as one's laces UNKNOT
Disturbances ADOS
Docs MDS
Dogs with stereotypical names FIDOS
Driver's peg TEE
Eat like a mouse GNAW
Extra periods in sports, briefly OTS
F.D.R. successor HST
Fictional pool hustler Fats MINNESOTA
Financing encumbrances LIENS
Fitted by a smith SHOD
Fitted one within another NESTED
Flogged, in a way CANED
Florida (with ''state'') SUNSHINE
Food on a hook BAIT
Four, on some clock faces IIII
Free RID
Freshet SPATE
George's office OVAL
Georgia, once, initially SSR
Get carried away? RIDE
Get too big for OUTGROW
Gives heed HARKENS
Gleason's ''How sweet ___!'' ITIS
Glum drop? TEAR
Go-getter DYNAMO
Gold medalist Zatopek EMIL
Gov. Paterson's place, briefly NYS
Govt. bureau AGCY
Guinness spout TAP
Guitarist's tool PLECTRUM
Half court game? JAI
Halloween option TREAT
Harris and Sullivan EDS
Henny Youngman's specialty ONELINER
Homage in verse ODE
Housekeeper's cart item LINEN
Hugs, in a love letter OOO
Clues Answers
Husky hauls SLEDS
Icicle hangout? EAVE
In addition BESIDES
In-case link ANY
Individual beings SELVES
Intentions AIMS
It borders N.J. ATL
It makes MADD mad DUI
It varies with velocity MASS
It's found in bars SOAP
Jack Horner's last words AMI
Jackie's guy ARI
James' ''Good Times'' wife FLORIDA
Keep on a short rope LIMIT
Kellerman's psychologist Alex DELAWARE
Kennedy's coin HALF
Kennel collection BREEDS
Leopold's co-defendent LOEB
Letter after rho SIGMA
Loa or Kea antecedent MAUNA
Louisiana (with ''state'') PELICAN
Low wetland MARSH
Mah-___ JONGG
Maj.'s superior LTCOL
Maryland (with ''state'') OLDLINE
Min part SEC
Miro, Miro on the wall ART
Mississippi (with ''state'') MAGNOLIA
Mom's sis AUNTY
Montana's capital HELENA
Month after Ab ELUL
More knotted or knobbed GNARLIER
More qualified ABLER
Movie archaeologist Jones INDIANA
Mr. Goldfinger AURIC
Nebraska (with ''state'') CORNHUSKER
Nero or Cato, e.g. ROMAN
Never say this DIE
New Hampshire (with ''state'') GRANITE
Noah's eldest SHEM
Not dangerous to health BENIGN
Olympic basketball team USA
One on a pantry raid ANT
One, abroad EIN
Only this, and nothing else MERE
Op-ed piece ESSAY
Over, in Hamburg UBER
Ox tail? IDE
Paradise's opposite DYSTOPIA
Pastoral poem (Var.) IDYL
Person on a terminal USER
Places for babies UTERI
Poker opener ANTE
Polar explorer Richard BYRD
Pollen producer STAMEN
Preschool group? ROE
Prof. Jones, familiarly INDY
Pulled the plug ENDED
Raised seam WELT
Really rankled ATEAT
Refusals NOS
Result of baking bread AROMA
Return mail courtesies (Abbr.) SASES
Role models HEROES
Rum mixers COLAS
San Francisco mayor Joseph ALIOTO
Sat in a cask AGED
Scale marking GRAM
Season of fasting LENT
Seize with a skewer STAB
Select OPT
Shade of green PINE
Social Register listing ELITE
Some American Indians ERIES
Some business partners SONS
Some whistle blowers REFS
Sorority members, perhaps COEDS
Speaker systems, briefly PAS
Starting squad ATEAM
Street cred REP
Studied carefully (with "over") PORED
Stylish in the '60s MOD
Tear down DEMOLISH
Teh, for example TYPO
Ten percenter AGENT
Tequila source AGAVE
Thing to be as happy as CLAM
Toiling in a mess ONKP
Toothbrush choice ORALB
Transcript stats GPAS
Trifling PETTY
Turner of a page in history NAT
Turns cod into bacalao SALTS
Type of fruit UGLI
Typeface similar to Calibri ARIAL
Vintner's sediment LEES
Wallet stuffers ONES
Where a dhow might dock ADEN
Where scenes are seen SETS
Where the Arab League was founded CAIRO
White's opposite YOLK
Wickerwork stems RATTANS
Word with ''I told you so!'' SEE
Wrath IRE
Writer Williams TENNESSEE
Yellowish pigment OCHER
___ curiae (friends of the court) AMICI
___ nous (confidentially) ENTRE