Universal - Jul 12 2003

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Clues Answers
"Casino" star SHARONSTONE
"___ better to have loved . . ." TIS
50-and-up grp. AARP
Ball girl? BELLE
Bannockburn boy LAD
Begin, e.g. ISRAELI
Big man in Los Angeles ONEAL
Brazos River city WACO
Bush alma mater YALE
Chef's accoutrement HAT
Chevy model, once GEO
Clio contenders ADS
Copy, for short REPRO
Crazy Horse foe CUSTER
Deep place? END
Did some sculling OARED
Disk's function STORAGE
Drinking bout JAG
Engage in a smackdown WRESTLE
Folksy Guthrie ARLO
Former French coin ECU
Former Interior Secretary JAMESWATT
Go downhill willfully SKI
Group of turtles BALE
Guy's mate GAL
Hammer parts CLAWS
Hefty ballerina in "Fantasia" HIPPO
Horde SLEW
Hullabaloo STIR
I-95, e.g. RTE
Improvise WINGIT
In a reserved way SHYLY
Individual ONE
Inflame ANGER
Juice REAM
Landscaping material SOD
Clues Answers
Legal delay STAY
Legend mourned June 12, 2003 GREGORYPECK
Letters for a King? CNN
Like a fine feathered friend AVIAN
Listen here! EAR
Mindless INANE
Mollycoddle INDULGE
Mythical ship ARGO
Naalehu memento LEI
NEA ally PTA
Nearly unsolvable HARD
NOW president elected in 1987 MOLLYYARD
Oboe-like, in tone REEDY
Part of a Cancún count UNO
Poet born in Hailey, Idaho (1885) EZRAPOUND
Price of horror VINCENT
Rabbit coop HUTCH
Refreshment sites OASES
Relatives KINDRED
Sigma-Upsilon connection TAU
Slow cookers CROCKPOTS
Slugger's pride RBI
Soon, poetically ANON
Spike, notably LEE
Summer time at MIT EDT
Support, as a ruling UPHOLD
Surreptitious news disclosure LEAK
System starter ECO
Tail-regenerating creatures GECKOS
Type of suit ARMOR
Univ. degrees BAS
Useful article THE
Veneration AWE
Vexation IRE
Waffle HEDGE
Web address feature DOT
Wrinkle remover PRESSER
___ doute (certainly) SANS