Wall Street Journal - Nov 29 2002 - November 29, 2002 - National Loyalty

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Clues Answers
'...___ saw Elba' EREI
'Cherchez la ___' FEMME
'Country Gentleman' Atkins CHET
'Forget it!' IWONT
'La Nausée' novelist SARTRE
'No Ordinary Love' singer SADE
'Off the Court' author ASHE
'Save Me' singer Mann AIMEE
'SportsCenter' network ESPN
'Two Treatises of Government' author LOCKE
'___ plaisir!' AVEC
1950s singer Sumac YMA
1964 Beatles hit IFEELFINE
Act the bear SELL
Actor B.D. of 'Oz' WONG
Agent's percentage CUT
Allege AVER
Ancient alphabetic symbol RUNE
Anna of 'Nana' STEN
Anna Paquin's 'X-Men' character ROGUE
Anne's favorite side dish? SPANISHRICE
Apple product IMAC
Attorney Melvin BELLI
Basketry twig OSIER
Billy Blanks workout ___Bo TAE
Billy's favorite sailing locale? INDIANOCEAN
Blueprint detail SPEC
Book after Prov. ECCL
Building block brand LEGO
California's Point ___ Peninsula REYES
Catered event AFFAIR
Cell phone's forerunner PAGER
Change course VEER
China, Japan, etc. FAREAST
Chubby's favorite board member? CHINESECHECKER
Coal container BIN
Come together UNITE
Community of Queens MASPETH
Compass pt. ESE
Cone sources FIRS
Country squares? ACRES
Cybill's favorite type of pooch? GERMANSHEPHERD
Darth's captive LEIA
Declared AVOWED
Deep cut GASH
Diamond surface FACET
Disproves REBUTS
Element of change DIME
European autos AUDIS
Exacting HARSH
Family name in a Miller drama LOMAN
Father of Phobos and Deimos ARES
Finds one's place, as on a map ORIENTS
Florida's Miami-___ County DADE
Forest clearing GLADE
Game with numbered cards KENO
Go over the limit SPEED
Grade A TOPS
Grand THOU
Greeting from Spike GRR
Grenoble ground TERRE
Having no force NULL
He has his pride LION
High degree NTH
High roller SPENDER
High roller? SEMI
His work is in print PRESSMAN
Home of Bulgari ROME
Investigate PROBE
Iron production STEAM
It's hot stuff LAVA
Clues Answers
It's taken into account in London CHEQUE
Jr.'s exam PSAT
Kevin's favorite breakfast food? CANADIANBACON
Kind of column OPED
Leaves in a bag TEA
Like locker room language SALTY
Like some treasures SUNKEN
List of topics AGENDA
Loch of note NESS
Loggins's singing partner MESSINA
Mad as heck IRATE
March Madness org. NCAA
Medicinal plant HERB
Medicine cabinet item QTIP
Memo phrase ASTO
Memo shorthand MESSRS
Moolah LUCRE
Muscle mag subject PEC
Name on the cover of 'Little Women' LOUISA
Nile peril ASP
Of a main line AORTIC
On the up-and-up? RISING
Org. that supports fake fur PETA
Orson's favorite legume? FRENCHBEAN
Padlock setting HASP
Part of Q&A ANS
Party request VOTE
Plaza sweetie ELOISE
Potpourri bit PETAL
Presidential middle name DELANO
Profitable product MONEYMAKER
Put cash up front PREPAY
Refusenik's refusal NYET
Regal topper TIARA
Related on mom's side ENATE
Retiree-paying program: Abbr. SSI
Rocker Graham NASH
Sacred song PSALM
Secret target? ARMPIT
Shaker ___, OH HTS
Share-buying phrase ATPAR
Ship trip VOYAGE
Singer born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin ENYA
Skin softeners CREAMS
Slips up ERRS
Smell REEK
Smoothed EVENED
Soothsayer's observations OMENS
Souvenir from Oahu LOUDSHIRT
Start to knock? ANTI
Stop in Vermont INN
Subjects of some treaties TESTBANS
Swearing-in words IDO
Teen fixation IDOL
There are 10 million in a joule ERGS
Took to the soapbox ORATED
Torah holders ARKS
Turndowns NOS
Tylenol target ACHE
Tyra's favorite savings institutions? SWISSBANKS
UFO passenger ALIEN
Ukr. and Lat., once SSRS
Underground figure? GOPHER
Unlike a legend VERIFIABLE
Ward of TV SELA
Woody's kid ARLO
Woolly critters ALPACAS
Wraps up ENDS
Writer Ferber EDNA
Yellow-skinned fruit GUAVA
___-majeste LESE