Universal - Nov 14 2002

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Clues Answers
''For real!'' IMNOTJOKING
''Leaving Las Vegas'' star SHUE
''Lummox'' author Fannie HURST
''No kidding!'' ITSTHETRUTH
''The Man from --- River'' (1982) SNOWY
''Without a doubt!'' (with 44-Across) YOUBETTER
--- Baines Johnson LUCI
--- Beta Kappa PHI
1-Across example LIONCUB
Actor Cronyn HUME
Block finish ADE
Boon of the NHL Hall of Fame DICKIE
Bopper lead-in TEENY
Club on a grass field BAT
Come clean TELL
Comedian Louis NYE
Crude shelters LEANTOS
Deadlock TIE
Defunct political party WHIG
Find loathsome ABHOR
Freak out GOAPE
Funny Dame EDNA
Group of five PENTAD
Heart of the matter NUB
Holds one's interest ENGAGES
In --- (harmonious) SYNC
Indifferent gestures SHRUGS
Kind of committee ADHOC
Lament WAIL
Less candid SLIER
Like many a cap VISORED
Litter mate WHELP
Loses velocity SLOWS
Lounging area PATIO
Make the first move OPEN
Nero's bird AVIS
Palindromic name OTTO
Clues Answers
Parks oneself SITS
Part of A / V AUDIO
Pencilless exam ORAL
Petal-plucker's word SHE
Piedmont province ASTI
Places for laces EYELETS
Platonic P's RHOS
Poe's bird RAVEN
Pre-cable necessity ANTENNA
Printer's right-hand page RECTO
Promise confidently ASSURE
Rooster's comb CREST
Rutabagas TURNIPS
Scheider or Orbison ROY
Screech, for one OWL
See 31-Across BELIEVEIT
Seville ''see ya!'' ADIOS
Shikoku spirits SAKES
Singer Neville AARON
Sister of Orestes ELECTRA
Social rank STATION
Sticks to CLINGS
Strunk and White concern STYLE
The why and wherefore CAUSE
Thick vegetable soup POTTAGE
Tilting matches JOUSTS
Tossed course SALAD
Twelve twelves GROSS
Two-tone BICOLOR
Typewriter settings TABS
Tyrolean refrain YODEL
Unsophisticated one RUBE
Water holder BASIN
Word with free or travel AGENCY
Word with happy or rush HOUR
Word with poison or live OAK
You can't keep it forever RENTAL