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Clues Answers
'-- a boy!' ITS
'-- what your country can do for you ...' ASKNOT
'Full Metal Jacket' war zone NAM
'How can --?' ('This is a sure bet') ILOSE
'Maisie' star SOTHERN
'Tiny' boy TIM
'Welcome Back, Kotter' student Juan EPSTEIN
'Who am -- argue?' ITO
-- Bo (fitness system) TAE
-- Mesa, California COSTA
-- Plaines DES
-- the Hun ATTILA
2-point Scrabble pieces DTILES
Absence of germs ASEPSIS
Acorn maker OAKTREE
Actress Taylor REGINA
Adjust differently, in British slang REJIG
Alta or Vail SKIAREA
Animal with a hump CAMEL
Antacid compound BAKINGSODA
Arbor asset SHADE
Arthur of tennis ASHE
Auntie, to Mom SIS
Baseball boss Bud SELIG
Beer variety MALTLIQUOR
Bird-related AVIAN
Bit of flora PLANT
Bribe money SLUSHFUNDS
Bullring yell OLE
Business garb SUIT
Caroled SANG
Casual top TEE
Chemical ending ANE
Chorus syllables LALALA
Classic video game PACMAN
Coloring TINTING
Construction zone sight TRAFFICCONE
Crimean language TATAR
Cul-de- -- SAC
Dark film genre NOIR
Determined to achieve SETON
Diana of 'The Avengers' RIGG
Discharge from military service, informally RIF
Doesn't bother LETSBE
Editor's 'leave it in' STET
Elect (to) OPT
Elroy's dog ASTRO
Emmy winner Ward SELA
Fangs, e.g. TEETH
Ferris wheel operators e.g., CARNIES
Fill with fear APPALL
Filled in (for) ACTED
Film about a blinded figure skater ICECASTLES
General of Chinese menus TSO
Get dressed like a judge ENROBE
Go astray ERR
Great Lakes' -- Canals SOO
Gun rights org. NRA
Helped get through, with 'over' TIDED
Holy French woman SAINTE
In-depth studies ANALYSES
Indian wrap SARI
Interest of astronomers COSMOS
Iran's capital TEHRAN
It makes Fluffy frisky CATNIP
It might be seen between marching bands PARADEFLOAT
Clues Answers
Keyboard users TYPISTS
Kin of -trix ESS
Klutzy guys OAFS
Lab gel AGAR
Landers and 96-Down ANNS
Large hook GAFF
Legal claim on property LIEN
Life story, for short BIO
Lounger's garment CAFTAN
Make -- in (do some work on) ADENT
Models' stances POSES
More wee TEENIER
Motel worker MAID
Mount in the Bible SINAI
Movie mogul David GEFFEN
N.T. epistle writer STJAMES
NBC rival CBS
New driver, usually TEENAGER
Northern Oklahoma city ENID
NYC summer hrs. EDT
Ocean hue SEAGREEN
Of the upper hipbone ILIAC
One of the Titans OCEANUS
Onslaught ASSAULT
Orem native UTAHAN
Pain reliever OPIATE
Place to park GARAGE
Potato part SKIN
Reasonable opportunity FAIRSHAKE
Rejection DENIAL
Rigorous STRICT
Romero or Chavez CESAR
Salad bar implement TONGS
Seamster TAILOR
See 85-Across ANGELICO
Serbian, e.g. SLAV
Setting MILIEU
Share one's thoughts OPINE
Shelfmate of Webster's ROGETS
Six less four TWO
Slips back RELAPSES
Stephen of the screen REA
Subduing spray MACE
Suffix with brace LET
Super-suave guy REALSMOOTHIE
Sword-waving Flynn ERROL
Takes to heart HEEDS
Text te-hee LOL
They smell SNIFFERS
Tic -- (mint) TAC
Tile artwork MOSAIC
To boot TOO
Toe woes CORNS
Tony winner Adams EDIE
Took big steps STRODE
U.N. branch ILO
Un-heart-healthy dietary stuff, for short SATFAT
Unrepeated event ONEOFF
Utopian IDEAL
Water artificially IRRIGATE
Wd. like 'he' or 'me' PRON
Website info source FAQ
West Coast sch. system CALSTATE
With 79-Down, 15th-century Florentine painter FRA
WWII battle site STLO
Years ago ONCE