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Clues Answers
'-- had it!' IVE
'-- matter of fact...' ASA
'-- penny, pick it up...' SEEA
'-- voyage!' BON
'-- we all?' ARENT
'And while -- it...' IMAT
'Fancy that!' GEE
'Finding --' NEMO
'Hurry it up!' CMON
'The Right Stuff' actor EDHARRIS
'Tut tut!' TSK
'Twilight' rock gp. ELO
'You -- worry' NEEDNT
-- -Pei SHAR
1970s sitcom starring a president? WELCOMEBACKCARTER
1985 sorority-themed film DELTAPI
20-fin bill CNOTE
Actress Ava GARDNER
Actress Knightley KEIRA
And others: Abbr. ETAL
Animal-filled attraction ZOO
Area a reporter is responsible for covering NEWSBEAT
Attys.' gp. ABA
Aug. clock setting DST
Baseballer Roush EDD
Be an expert in EXCELAT
Beast of the Andes VICUNA
Big cheese VIP
By -- of (owing to) DINT
Call -- night ITA
Cash dispenser operated by a president? AUTOMATEDTAYLOR
Change ALTER
China's Mao -- -tung TSE
Clerk on 'The Simpsons' APU
Cochlea site EAR
College football competition BOWLGAME
Concludes ENDS
Convened MET
Early autos REOS
Earning lots of money doing a president's job? REAGANINTHECASH
Either of two N.T. books COR
Electric current unit AMPERE
English horn relative OBOE
ER lifesaver CPR
Estimate incorrectly MISJUDGE
Exiled Amin IDI
Fancy jug EWER
Favoritism BIAS
Fifth-century pope LEOI
Finished DONE
Fishtank favorites TETRAS
Fix up text EDIT
Free as -- ABIRD
French minister ABBE
Gas station fixtures PUMPS
German for 'above' OBER
Glue applier PASTER
Go beyond established limits as a president would? BUSHTHEENVELOPE
Grammatical connectors used by a president? LINCOLNVERBS
Grizzly baby BEARCUB
Have weight (against) MILITATE
Head cover HAT
Hobbit's foe ORC
Innocent -- proven guilty UNTIL
Jack of rhyme and his wife SPRATS
Jazzwoman James ETTA
Jefferson's religious belief DEISM
Jostles (for) VIES
Clues Answers
Kansas military base where a president is posted? FORDLEAVENWORTH
Kiwi's kin EMU
Kuwaiti chief EMIR
Kyoto sash OBI
Like paint that's a household hazard LEADBASED
Local learning institution founded by a president? COMMUNITYCOOLIDGE
Lyric poets MINSTRELS
Major rd. in Philly or San Francisco MARKETST
More or less OFASORT
Motel sign VACANCY
Mr., in India SRI
Musical works OPUSES
News media THEPRESS
Novel NEW
Ovid's 1,556 MDLVI
Panel deliberating over a president's case? JURYOFPIERCE
Part of a fork TINE
Pat of 'Wheel of Fortune' SAJAK
PC character set acronym ASCII
Pearly gem OPAL
Penitent one ATONER
Petty fight TIFF
Pick out CULL
Place for a GI's mail APO
Plank cutter SAW
Poem type ODE
Port of east Australia BRISBANE
Quite cross MAD
Radio tuner DIAL
Recede EBB
Reinforced boot part TOECAP
Retired, as a professor EMERITUS
Roast beef au -- JUS
Sales slips: Abbr. RCPTS
Sanders' rank: abbr. COL
Secure SAFE
See 67-Down DEALS
Severe cut GASH
Sheep tail? ISH
Short haircut BOB
Show up ARRIVE
Sign near a restricted area NOENTRY
Specialist M.D.'s ENTS
St. -- (one of the Virgin Islands) CROIX
Stimpy's pal REN
Suffix with form ULA
Suffix with script URE
Syllables from Santa HOS
Taxing gp. IRS
Tear down RAZE
Tells the tale NARRATES
Tennis star Steffi GRAF
Texas city ELPASO
Times past YORE
Towel down DRY
Toy company TYCO
Trendy HIP
Tricky turn ESS
View the top of a Web page, perhaps SCROLLUP
W. Calif. art gallery SFMOMA
Wait around STAY
Weep loudly SOB
Went around BYPASSED
Wise bird OWL
With 56-Down, crummy breaks RAW
Yorkshire river OUSE