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Clues Answers
'-- Mio' OSOLE
'Amy's View' playwright DAVIDHARE
'And so say -- us' ALLOF
'Boss' on 'The Dukes of Hazzard' HOGG
'Cassandra' novelist CHRISTAWOLF
'Citizen' Welles KANE
'Eating --' (1982 black comedy) RAOUL
'Hanging Up' novelist Ephron DELIA
'Honest!' ITSTRUE
'Jack & Diane' singer JOHNCOUGAR
'Kissing' aquarium fish GOURAMI
'Little piggy' TOE
'Lost' star MATTHEWFOX
'No ifs, ands or --!' BUTS
'The Bridge' poet HARTCRANE
'The Chronicles of --' NARNIA
'The Good Earth' novelist PEARLBUCK
'The writing the wall' -- ISON
-- -Magnon man CRO
-- -TASS (Russian news source) ITAR
-- acid (fuming liquid) NITRIC
-- number on (treated badly) DIDA
-- potatoes MASHED
A party to INON
Actress Lollobrigida GINA
Adorn with gems BEJEWEL
Analyze in a laboratory ASSAY
Annexes ADDS
Arena guide USHER
Ark-itect? NOAH
Artist Warhol ANDY
Bad-mouth DIS
Beverage DRINK
Blow away AMAZE
Brief opera solo ARIETTA
Brutish ones YAHOOS
Bungle ERR
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Captain Hook's mate SMEE
Cargo LOAD
Celtics great LARRYBIRD
Chilean coin PESO
Chopper's landing place HELIPAD
Chores JOBS
Class period SESSION
Clock face DIAL
Coffee concoction MOCHA
Confess AVOW
Conundrum ENIGMA
D.C. ballplayer for short, NAT
Daffodil and jonquil, e.g. NARCISSI
Dancer de Mille AGNES
Deport EXILE
Did in SLEW
Diner coffee JAVA
Diva's song ARIA
Elm or elder TREE
Ending for plug or pay OLA
Essayist called 'Elia' CHARLESLAMB
Extol LAUD
Fanciful idea WHIM
Feels unwell AILS
Flame-loving insect MOTH
Foal bearer MARE
French for 'king' ROI
Garr of 'Michael' TERI
Guy mowing lawns, e.g. YARDMAN
Hero's place DELI
Hobbled LIMPED
Humiliate DEBASE
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Ice queen Henie SONJA
Clues Answers
Impending NEAR
In re ASTO
Italian rice dish RISOTTO
Italy's capital ROME
K-O linkup LMN
Kefauver running mate Stevenson ADLAI
Kinsman: Abbr. REL
Let go by PASSUP
Lewis with Lamb Chop SHARI
Likeness IMAGE
Lined up INAROW
Lipinski in a rink TARA
Long Island airfield town ISLIP
Luau greetings ALOHAS
Lunatics MANIACS
Make money EARN
Male sib BRO
Mild Dutch cheese EDAM
Milo of 'Loot' OSHEA
Mom's provision TLC
Most concise TERSEST
Mule in a folk song SAL
Mum Marx HARPO
Nabber's cry GOTCHA
Necessities MUSTS
Newspaper clip-outs COUPONS
Noblemen, collectively PEERAGE
Nothing but ONLY
Observes HEEDS
Of the thighbone FEMORAL
Old Brit CELT
One-named Grammy winner SADE
Part of IRA: Abbr. ACCT
Perfumery compound ESTER
Pioneering computer ENIAC
Plies the needle SEWS
Polio conqueror Jonas SALK
Possessed HAD
Printed pitches ADS
Ready SET
Robinson Crusoe, e.g. CASTAWAY
Sacred choral works MOTETS
See 6-Across EAT
See 6-Across NOFAT
Shooter Oakley ANNIE
Silver-white element COBALT
Site of the Taj Mahal AGRA
Slumbered SLEPT
Spanish 'a' UNA
Speeds (by) ZIPS
Spinning spheres in classrooms GLOBES
Spring's first full mo. APR
Steadfast STAUNCH
Stuff in a petri dish AGAR
Swine's confines STY
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Things with charges IONS
Towel word HERS
TV host turned New Age pianist TESH
Unit of rain DROP
Utopian EDENIC
Vowel in the word 'rude' LONGU
Waitress on 'Alice' VERA
Water, to Juan AGUA
With 62-Down and 114-Down, words after 'Jack Sprat' COULD
Yaks, e.g. OXEN
Young lady GAL