Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 17 2008

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Clues Answers
'Desire Under the --' ELMS
'Monkey suit' TUX
'The Simpsons' network FOX
'You've Got --' MAIL
A billion years EON
Actress Perlman RHEA
Additionally ALSO
Agenda heading TODO
Alkali neutralizer ACID
Big fuss ADO
Bleacherites' cry RAH
Bogey beater PAR
Burdened LADEN
Canal zone? ERIE
Charged bit ION
Coaster SLED
Concept IDEA
Coveter's emotion ENVY
Crazy LOCO
Cupid's alias EROS
Dispatch SLAY
DIY purchase KIT
Eight pts. GAL
Falsehood LIE
Fixes the outcome RIGS
Gambling game FARO
Garbage carrier SCOW
Gave a hint CLUED
Have a bug AIL
Head of Hollywood EDITH
Head of st. GOV
Hiatus GAP
Clues Answers
Historic time ERA
Hotel staffer MAID
Humdinger LULU
Japanese city KYOTO
Katarina Witt's milieu RINK
Lair DEN
Mid-May honorees MOTHERS
Oil-cartel acronym OPEC
Old fogy DODO
One-hour-photo sites KIOSKS
Pelvic bones ILIA
Philistines' foe SAMSON
Pigpen STY
Playground game TAG
Santa's laundry woe SOOT
Scandinavian city OSLO
Scuttle HOD
Sermon subject SIN
Shade of green KELLY
Silent MUM
Succumb to gravity SAG
Tailor's concern FIT
Thickness PLY
Think (over) MULL
Triangular quick bread SCONE
Tungsten WOLFRAM
Two-way DUAL
Vacationing OFF
Waiter's handout MENU
Wield a blue pencil EDIT
Witnesses SEES
Woman of the haus FRAU