New York Times - Jul 28 2011

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Clues Answers
'Curb Your Enthusiasm' shower HBO
'Good one!' OOH
'Mighty ___ a Rose' LAK
'Now I get it,' facetiously AHSO
'___ Lake' SWAN
A.C.C. athlete TERP
Actor Johnson of 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' TOR
Airborne African menace TSETSE
Amateurish BUSH
Anatomical dividers SEPTA
Baltic Sea feeder ODER
Beat and how! UHW
Bothers STESU
Citizen rival TIMEX
Crawling African menace ASP
Daredevil's challenge TOPTHIS
Director Jacquet of 'March of the Penguins' LUC
Env. enclosure LTR
Fancy wraps BOAS
Films, of a sort PATINAS
Five-time A.L. batting champ BOGGS
Flying ALOFT
Greek island where Zeus was said to be raised NAXOS
Hoe and weed, e.g. TOIL
How Rubik's Cube is best solved ALONE
Indication of deflation SSSS
It may be the only thing in a bar WHOLENOTE
Like a great deal ADORE
Like the Harvard Lampoon SATIRIC
Little things on screens BLIPS
Message on many a stadium sign HIMOM
Met the qualifications MEASUREDU
Michael who directed the Bond film 'The World Is Not Enough' APTED
New Mexico county OTERO
Clues Answers
Old Olds ALERO
Over NOU
Overseer of schools: Abbr. TUS
Pay back? OLA
Pay sudden attention to SITUFOR
Peachy NEAT
Peanutty candy BRITTLE
Peripheral OUTER
Prince's partner REUAP
Prove lacking COMEUSHORT
Pygmy couple? WYES
Quickly approach RUNAT
Record store section OPERA
Refill when you don't really need to TOPU
Regarding ASTO
Sadness DOLOR
Scottish hillside BRAE
Shared with, as a secret LETINON
Slightly better than ACUTABOVE
Some hairstyles UDOS
Starting point SEED
Starting point for un inventeur IDEE
Suffer from HAVE
Ten Commandments verb SHALT
They may be cleared with a spray SINUSES
This, in Toledo ESTO
Thor Heyerdahl craft RAI
Time piece? DAY
Tomato and vegetable SUOS
Trash receptacle ASHCAN
Union requirement, maybe? UNERP
Villainous monk in 'The Da Vinci Code' SILAS
Warning often shouted too late ITSATRAP
Wear down ERODE
___ élémentaire ECOLE
___ show RAREE