L.A. Times Daily - Jul 9 2011

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Clues Answers
"I'm yours to command" USEME
"Little Organ Book" composer BACH
"My wish is ..." IHOPE
"The Man From U.N.C.L.E." producer MGM
"You Should Be Dancing" group THEBEEGEES
1968 newlywed, familiarly ARI
Absinthe flavorings ANISES
Arabian checker REIN
Balancing pros TREASURERS
Big name in test preparation KAPLAN
Caught, in a way SEEN
Certain surfer's power source KITE
Chair's title, at times MADAM
Champion, for one HORSE
Chicago's __ House HULL
Choice cut TBONE
Cops often take them at crime scenes STATEMENTS
Corkers LULUS
Crumbly topping FETA
Dealt with loose ends MOPPEDUP
Defeat badly TROMP
Devils, e.g. NHLTEAM
Disclaimer in a quote SIC
Doce halved SEIS
East Pakistan, today BANGLADESH
Extremely OHSO
Fair Deal initials HST
First U.S. secretary of war (for whom a fort was named) KNOX
Fly on the river, perhaps LURE
Former comm. giant GTE
Gentlemen's second choices? BRUNETTES
In-box queue: Abbr. MSGS
Intaglio stone ONYX
It may be picked BASSGUITAR
Clues Answers
Like a pitch that's taken, ironically UNHIT
More likely to ooze GOOPIER
Not as refined RUDER
Not quite smart? ACHE
One of the noble metals PLATINUM
One who might steal kisses CHOCOHOLIC
Order clothes HABIT
Out there to the max ODDEST
Pink Floyd's "The Wall," e.g. ROCKOPERA
Pre-bar letters LSAT
Protected from buffeting ALEE
Put away STOW
Put into bars, say CODED
Revival figs. EMTS
Shadow removers RAZORBLADES
Sheriff's outfit POSSE
Shorten, in a way HEW
Shut (up) PENT
Sierra Club subj. ECOL
Sign of an escape? HISS
Sinuous storytellers HULADANCERS
Slip by ELAPSE
Sly role, as a rule ACTIONHERO
Smoking choice PIPE
Sonnet likely inspired by Ramses the Great OZYMANDIAS
Stands in a field? COPSES
Tightly FAST
Times to get ready EVES
Treasure State motto word ORO
Trying to get close to ESTIMATING
Tubby leader? TELE
Useful downloads APPS
Vigeland Sculpture Park city OSLO
Words with organized crime TIESTO