Boston Globe - May 22 2011

Clues Answers
'Around the Horn' network ESPN
'Get Yer __ Out!' (Stones album) YAYAS
'Meet John Doe' director CAPRA
'Oleanna' author MAMET
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
A good ribbing GRIEF
Add-ons for iPods APPS
Aforementioned SAID
Annapolis sch. USNA
Anti-chapping aid LIPBALM
Barbadian 58-Down RUMSHOP
Bare-tailed critter POSSUM
Be off the mark MISAIM
Bellum's opposite PAX
Big film format IMAX
Blossom in Burgundy FLEUR
Bobby on blades ORR
Body Count rapper ICET
Boxer Holyfield EVANDER
Broadcast, in part AUDIO
By heart PAT
Cannabinoid letters THC
Caravan stops OASES
Catch sight of SPY
Category of duds MENS
Celebrant PARTYER
Club for a gimme PUTTER
Cola wars barrage? PEPSIS
Colleague of 14-Across EAZYE
Comet Hale-__ BOPP
Cotton fabric LISLE
Country RURAL
Craft 300 cubits long ARK
Daisy-like blooms ASTERS
Darwin Awardee's downfall? BADIDEA
Date for a prankster APRI
Digest founder Eric UTNE
Dishevel, in a way RUMPLE
Disraeli's title EARL
Does some pruning LOPS
Dominantly Quaker? OATY
Early Apple rival AMIGA
Employ anew REUSE
Erie Canal town UTICA
Exultant yell WOOHOO
Fades away EBBS
Fast asleep OUT
Fitting APT
Flabbergast AMAZE
Flames no more EXES
Flare outward SPLAY
Flooding problem? SWAMPEDSUMPPUMP
Form the cast of ACTIN
Fruit in Thai cuisine PAPAYA
Fun, fun, fun AGAS
Gem found on Mars OPAL
Gets dolled up PRIMPS
Give a grade RATE
Give __ (care) ARAP
Greek gelt EURO
Hard-to-break habits RUTS
Heel of Italy's 'boot' APULIA
Home to JFK NYC
Hours spent working UPTIME
Hwys. RTES
Ice cream brand EDYS
Indisposed ILL
Kittenish, as tongues go RASPY
Koi and kin CARP
Clues Answers
Lake Placid structure? OLYMPICJUMPRAMP
Langley-based org. CIA
Last-minute strike-caller? IMPROMPTUUMP
Leaves in bags TEAS
Loan shark's practice USURY
Lofty perch AERIE
Long-plumed heron EGRET
Magic charm MOJO
Magoo's affliction MYOPIA
Many a Muslim ARAB
Mass unit GRAM
Mattress label SERTA
Member's obligation DUES
Molded dish ASPIC
More livid IRATER
MP4-playing nursery light? PLUMPHUMPTYDUMPTYLAMP
Mubarak's predecessor SADAT
Music to a mechanic? WHIRR
Naturally aglow? MOONLIT
Negatively charged bit ANION
Nincompoop SIMP
Old Olds Cutlass CIERA
On the move ASTIR
On the road AWAY
Org. with a Detroit HQ UAW
Organ that might be tin? EAR
Oscar's TV counterpart EMMY
Pack down TAMP
Piratic sidekick SMEE
Places, to Pliny LOCI
Posse's pursuit MANHUNT
Possessing 'it' SEXY
Pretty feeble LAME
Prized sort of beef KOBE
Providers of DSL, etc. ISPS
Queue before Q LMNOP
Rainy 'Little Rascals'? DAMPIMPROMP
Red Chairman MAO
Red Sox div. ALEAST
Reliable TRUSTY
Restless ANTSY
Rock festival array? UMPTYUMPAMPS
Sans any slack TAUT
Sartre's first novel NAUSEA
Scrumptious TASTY
Show proof of EVINCE
Signaled collusion WINKED
Simple puppet SOCK
Skeptical LEERY
Soothe ALLAY
Starving artist's flat GARRET
Subj. in 'Sicko' AMA
Swearer's words OATH
Take by force USURP
Those in favor AYES
To name but a few? ETAL
Top 40 songs HITS
Traffic jam at Yosemite? BUMPERTOBUMPERCAMPERS
Trim the borders of CROP
Try to impale STABAT
Type of tape DUCT
Unseen home hazard RADON
Unwelcome visitor PEST
Verbal shrug MEH
Veronica of 'Hill Street Blues' HAMEL
Wakes up COMESTO
Ward off REPULSE
Where gamelans play BALI
Will, possibly MAY
__ B'rith BNAI
__ mater ALMA